By-election setbacks, allies rebellion and the banking and other scandals!

Yogi Adithyanath

Yogi Adithyanath

Indian politics is maturing. After a long time we saw the 2014 elections set a new evolution path. Once, the only party, the Congress-led government was the one and only way of political life. Yes, the regional parties like the Dravidian and other parties came along. But at the Centre the Congress seemed unshakable.

This trend was broken by the dare-devil like operation by the BJP; a new revamped BJP did wonders at the polls. We saw an absolute majority for the BJP and a humiliating defeat for the Congress.

Now, it is nearly four years of the present government is left and the last year seems to have become a bit shaky for the otherwise well-placed ruling regime.

The by-election setbacks inks a reminder that in a popular and large and diverse democracy like India, the first big one in history, the Indian people, with all their backwardness, have learnt and also taught some lessons for rulers.
Nothing in excess, said the Greek wise sage.

So too we in India seems to be following the hollowed wisdom.  The BJP in its unstoppable strategy or sheer bragging has carried things too far. The UP CM, Yogi Adithyanath carried his saffron agenda to ridiculous limits. The largest number of communal violence, data shows, is in the UP.

Will the statistics tell lies? No!

So, the UP CM had to pay a heavy price for his credibility.
At least from onwards other hotheads in the party and outside should take a leaf out of this humiliation when the PM seems to be also faced with newer uncertainties.

Also, the Opposition too has to learn some hard lessons. The Congress, the major historic party too seems can’t carry on in the old dynastic and family owned ways and manners.
The crowd surrounding Sonia around the AICC must give way to some real sense and sacrifice.

You can’t be a Congressman in Delhi all through your life and age. Some of the really doddering figures must retire to their home states.They must be available at the state level and do some public service.

See the case of one such leader, Veerappa Moily. He is caught with his own troubles, a seat for his son. So too many sons and daughters are knocking at the 10 Janpath doors!
Also, other oligarchs, high-earning lawyers and others, feudal lords or corporate names and others.

Please realise that a party like the Congress must be built on high principles, we must draw from the past heritage, a great deal of public spirit and commitment, selflessness, great democratic instinct must inform the Working Committee and  the AIVCC and also the most  condemnable blight, the Rajya Sabha nomination culture practiced by Sonia.

You can’t nominate every one! Please see you invite the really competent persons with a track record and award the Rajya Sabha nomination by invitation.

Also please retire on time!
How long one person or one family can own a political parties. May be small caste parties can do this. Not the All Indian Congress organisation.

There must be a well-defined political ideology. Every week, an evening debate or a lecture must be delivered by invited intellectuals or activists on ideological issues. Liberalisms or its variants, lessons from Europe and such issues must grip and inspire the workers.

As for Modi and his Hindutva, yes, we need debate. Opposition unit, the very present disarray would impose on the Opposition.
Finally, leadership. Leadership would shape up India.

Unless one is so incompetent, everyone can aspire. But only the best and the brightest can survive.

Politics is a serious businessman we say.

So, be optimists, countrymen! India will win the world! Win a place in the sun!

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