Second, Indians are an agitated lot!
What is happening to countries as different as the USA and India?

They are all unhappy, disturbed and  so it goes! Americans are worried about their health, economy, trust in government, Hate crimes, Crimes, Wars and Conflicts, Terrorist attacks. High taxes, unemployment and low wages climate change and environment.
Now, what about ourselves, Indians?

Crowd with people on the street in Warsaw rush hoursIn India, agitations, the government statistics say, were as low as 3,106 in 2011. Now in 2016, it has shot up to 6,587! Student agitations? From 6005 in 2011 to 10,205 in 2016.

Govt. employees’ agitations? The ones who got the fat 7th Pay Commission wages? They agitated 14,218 times in 20111.Now,in 2016 their agitations  seemed to have doubled to 23,708. As an aside we can say it pays to be a government servant and agitate periodically!

What about political parties?

How can they lag behind other category of agitators? Political parties resorted to agitations some astounding 22,708 times in 2011.Luckily for the common man, the government servants beat the politicians only agitating, this time ,some 29,400 times in 2016!

Of course the unreported, almost ignored lots, the farmers, the labourers and students, farmers resort to agitations and also commit suicides, perhaps the media is so tired of the farmers, those farmers, and suicides are not reported either in the print or on the TV channels.

But then it is a democracy, every citizen is a free citizen.
So, please feel free to come to the streets and agitate!

Popular agitations are much preferred to no agitations. Otherwise you would see the Chinese style army tanks to come on the streets to crush the students, as it happened in Peking in 1989.

Americans have reasons to be  worried. They are a violent nation or a violent society, where every citizen carries guns, not one but a big number in their shelves.

Our fellow Indian returnees narrate how the gun-buying and gun totting culture has led to such brutal killings, the latest is one of the very many shooting sprees in the American cities!
May be the worries of fellow Americans are bound to rise with each day this violence -prone society also draws more of foreigners, as their citizens.

May be the biggest number of foreigners now on the American soil would be only Indians and Indians have cause to worry along with their fellow American counter-parts!

God forbid that Indians don’t import the American culture in violent culture. Let the worries to remain within the American borders. Let Indians learn more of the good American culture, openness, a sense of freedom and doing things in big ventures.

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