Judiciary speaks out! Public opinion elated!

Latest news on the Uttarakhand Assembly developments has caused a nation-wide sense of discomfort, to say the least.

harish-rawatFirst, the Central Government imposed President’s Rule. Lately, after the BJP government came to power with an absolute majority for the first time displacing the Congress-led coalitions for long, almost for some 30 so-long years, there was this new sense of relief among the pubic that a really mature democracy has ushered into the country.  From now onwards there would be some political maturity among the political parties.

There would be a major ruling party and an Opposition party or parties. This positive expectation has only partially fulfilled.

After lying low for some time in the wake of such a heavy defeat the Congress left with only 40 odd MPs, started playing a negative role. Soon after it also resorted to obstructive politics. It made the functioning of Parliament almost impossible.

So, one reason given by the BJP for tardy progress in economic development is the obstructive role resorted to by the Congress.
Then came the two successive defeats for the BJP in Delhi and latest in Bihar.

Now, we also saw the BJP playing its role in Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur and latest in Uttarakhand.

In Utttarakhand, the imposition of President Rule proved a disaster.
The Governor didn’t play a role. The Speaker of the Assembly didn’t play a role.

The President Rule too didn’t follow the established practices.
So came the uninvited remarks of the Uttarkhand High Courts’ Division Benha’s some scathing remarks.

It is worth quoting the same here. The Division Bench of Chief Justice K.M.Joseph and Justice V.K.Bisht, hearing the case challenging the President’s Rule in the state, decided to reserve its order for later, it gave its verdict on Thursday (the next day) following apprehensions voiced by counsel for Harish Rawat (the deposed Chief Minister) that the Central Government might revoke President’s Rule and try and get the BJP form the government. Earlier the Bench slammed the Centre t for allegedly planning to revoke President’s Rule before the verdict.
Chief Justice Joseph said:@We is pained that the Central government can behave like this. How can you think of playing with the court?”The court asked:”What is it but a travesty of justice?”

In a similar case related to the happenings in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, Supreme Court said that statesmanship is lacking in today’s politics and the floor of Parliament and the State Legislative Assemblies resemble battle fields rather a stage for intellectual debate”.

The AP Assembly related to YSRC legislator R.K.Roja.Now, under Mr.Modi, the judiciary is feeling some, why, great discomfort of sorts, right?

There is a heavy bag log of pending cases, something like a 3 crore pending cases. a huge vacancy in higher courts.

An intolerable burden of under trial prisoners in over-crowded jails.
What sort of public opinion the government wants to build? What would be the public perception of the Modi government performance?

Let everyone ponder over the questions.

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