Obama’s image takes a beating! India’s image too at risk!

Syrian-Kurd-refugees-approach-Turkish-borderThe influx of refugees mostly from Syria and North Africa into Europe is reaching epidemic proportions. Harrowing pictures of people, women, children and men had touched the millions of global citizens. The really shocking pictures of three year old dead on the beach, the inhuman treatment of one parent with a child by a Hungarian TV journalist raised outrage. The way the refugees were treated at a Hungarian refugee transit station has brought howls of protest worldwide.

The lakhs of refugees coming out from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all the result of the immoral attack launched by the USA and UK and the displacement of people in such high numbers. Now, when the European countries like German, France, Austria and UK have opened their borders, it is really intriguing to notice the silence and non-response, slow response lately from the USA. Such a rather garrulous talker Mr. Obama is seen strangely silent. This is hurting and really troubling conscience of people everywhere.

Much more damning is the Indian silence. Here also we have a Prime Minister who is known to speak out on many things. But for Mr.Modi, the European refugee crisis seems no news. Much more damning is the attitude of the Indian media, more so the English media, both print and TV channels. We see so much nonsense and TV time devoted to simple non-sensual items. There is no word or picture on the English TV channels. One can imagine the language channels. So, no Indian leader, at the national level or in the states seems to bother about what is happening in the outside world. This is really galling.

Very soon, the issues might even knock at the Indian door. We are now new to refugee’s crises. From 1947 onwards we have faced with this influx of people from our neighboring countries. India aspires for a seat on the UN Security Council. That’s fine. But what do you do to make your case? You should have a moral case first, right?
Is this the way to see the world? You want to travel abroad and talk to diasporas. But you don’t have any empathy with the people in distress.

Unless the American people and government show a new sensitivity to the emerging crisis which, I would say, in all likelihood, is not going to be solved in a day. Who knows this is a huge humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War and you are going to see some ugly developments. Already the Hungarian government is seen guilty of insensitivity and there is likely to have such more display of insensitivity and more uncomfortable questions for countries, big and small. President Obama faces a real challenge. His silence and his unexplained silence have been very hurtful to the image of America as a nation of migrant people.

USA must take an active role. Convene the UN immediately. Let India also talk out. Mr. Modi has an opportunity here to raise his profile. The effort must be sincere since the whole world is watching us.

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