Farmers’s consent is critical for the land acquisition bill!
Narendra Modi in his first nine months!
Nine ordinances in nine months!
The first humiliating defeat in Delhi Assembly elections.
The PM faces his acid tests in the Parliamentary session.

Picture-6The Prime Minister last time was an invincible hero of sorts for not just his party men, but also for the people at large. Politics is always a spectacle in India. Politicians in  power are mistaken for  their invincibility.

Given Modi’s run of luck, in successive state elections, after his massive Lok Sabha win, it looked the Modi ‘rath yatra’ was unstoppable. Alas! Came the upset Delhi Assembly elections along with an elusive enemy in the shape of Arvind Kejriwal. He promised the moon to the haggered Delhiites. The underclass rose in revolt almost in its entirety and in its full fury. Went down the  series of heads from Kabir Bedi to whom you have! All the Delhi heavyweights in the BJP went off the screen so to say.

In came the avalanche of the Aam Aadmi army! The foot soldiers were all lucky, except for one or two bright lights, alas. Shazia Illmi and one or two were plain unlucky.  Changing one’s party, one’s convictions  should not have come to the really educated and enlightened crowd like the AAP founder members. Nor to one like Kiran Bedi. She is the real scapegoat.

Also, Modi and Shah should take the blame. One doesn’t know what they said and later what they did. The nonchalance with which both the PM and his confidant dismissed the outcome as a bad dream is only right and proper. Why shed tears on split milk.

It is a bad dream and at the same time a sort of aranging to them and also others as to what power politics in this country has come to. See how the other party, the Congress was left out in the cold. The very same people, who once ruled, for 15 long years, both the Chief Minister and he deputies nor the MPs who paraded their artificially coloured plumes and straddled the power platform. Why, the very  epitome of sobriety, wisdom and what has you, the Prime Minister who presided over the party for 10 long years.

It is really inexplicable, the subject of Indian psychology, the psychology of the  Delhi Lutyen zone bungalow tenants, from the top to the not so top, the middle and  the upper-middle hierarchy, why, pray, what happens when you get the plum posts and once when you are down you feel let down?

You choose to sit in such bungalows for nothings and yet you don’t have any remorse for not doing your bit when the party is fighting back to the wall.

The Congressmen of Delhi are a very strange lot. Utterly self-centered.

One great satisfaction is that the Delhi voters showed a new way of taking revenge.
This is the first time they voted in such fury that the BJP was left bewildered beyond their dreams! They just were left with some three miserable MLAs.

Now, Mr.seems to have realised that he went for an over-kill. His Rs.10 lakhs suit, his swagger and his imagination that he had become an overnight global leader etc all went to his rash moves.
Now, he seems to have become wiser and seems to demonstrate a different persona.
He seems to be trying to tilt the public perception of him in his favour.

He visited the Janata parivar family wedding; he smiled and stood close by with Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mulaym Singh Yadav. That was really a new gesture on the part of the PM.

Now, he has to tame the Opposition which after the Delhi election results is baying for his blood.
The Land Ordinance seems ready for a some dilution. Anna Hazare had come to Delhi. And could do anything at any time. Who knows!

Farmers’s consent is critical for the Bill to be passed in Parliament. There are equally important other bills. The Bihar episode, the BJP-PDP coalition in J&K, the compromises to win over both the outsiders and insiders like the RSS(over the very basic commitments as in J&K)and also to the corporates, the ease of doing business, FDI and much else still remain mainly as promises. Some visibility on the ground needed to be shown.

This the test Modi has to win. Then only he can win the trust of all sections. Wish the PM good luck.

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