Much good will come to India’s growth story!
Three times Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr.Modi as the PM now would definitely bring with him administrative skills and therefore there is every reason to believe that he would impact on the Indian economic scenario.
Even within the first three or fourth month?s time we can see this change. A change in the mood of the people. Mood of the administration and also in the corporate sector.

The PM’s Japanese visit, Chinese president Xi’s visit to India saw big agreements on investments from 25 billion from Japan ?to another 20 billion from China. The major sectors are transportation, high-speed trains, bullet trains would surely transform India. Indian mindset, even after a long stretch of Congress rule hasn?t gone beyond ?some type of mental blocks.
The Congress under Sonia and Manmohan made India look a slow-moving, or even sometimes unmoving giant. Giant it is but someone, a leader must infuse some speed and energy. This, Manmohan failed miserably. Sonia did many wrong things. Her understanding of India is very limited. So, everyone exploited her ignorance of things. Her National Advisory Council became the playground of the so-called radicals.
Where they now? Populism ran wild.
So, the unsustainable subsidies.
Thank god, now Modi would focus on some basic, substantial sectors, infrastructure investments, in rails, roads and ports are likely to give a boost to the entire economy. Interlinking of rivers.
There was no one in the previous time to mention the very project.
Now, this is on everyone’s mind. People can now recognise Uma Bharati as the minister in charge of the rivers and also cleaning river Ganga. The Supreme Court had stepped in. So, the project is likely to be in the public focus and gets moving.
Power and energy. Oh, the Coalgate helped us to see how this sector will shape up.
Then, there is public health. Dr.Harshvardhan, the health minister is the right person for the job.
There is confidence he would do a good job.
The private sector is abuzz with excitement.
Though the corporate sector earned a bad name with all the scams and scandals, this time, we are confident that the private sector is going to play a ?very disciplined role, we hope, avoid the ?short cuts and adopt the straight path and utilise the environment that is conducive for great growth opportunities.\Even if Modi brings about the reasonable investments, foreign direct investments plus other normally a growing big market economy like India, Indian growth story must be very impressive and everyone stands to benefit from a steady growth.
We have got a good RBI governor who has such a reputation. So that everyone under the new government stands to look to a bright future.
Mr.Modi has a great drive and dynamism. His confidence springs from ?his massive election victory.
So, in a democracy of India’s size, there is every reason to look forward to a bright future for this generation and the next generation as well.

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