An open letter to the Malaysian Prime Minister
Hon’ble Najib Razak

malaysia-airlines-projected-pathSir, your announcement the mysterious Malaysian Airlines Plane had plunged into the South Indian Ocean near Perth, Australia and the search is given up for fear of the search won’t yield any more positive results came as a great shock and dismay for everyone in the world, not the least the angry scenes and the breakdowns we have witnessed in Beijing and the continued agony and the likely unpredictable consequences for the families and also for the wider world which wont also easily be reconciled with your decision.

This is a tragedy of great impact for the world and in so many ways the whole world has to ponder over the state of international public opinion as well as for specific technological and scientific communities that have set for achieving solutions to any of the intractable challenges.

This tragedy and its human dimensions are such a challenge.

The search can’t be abandoned and in any case the search has to be resumed in whatever form that is feasible not only for the Malaysian government but also to the international community in some specific technical areas like satellite capabilities in further probing the occurrence of the unimaginable tragedy is not over and it only now becomes more serious as almost every day new evidence is forthcoming.

An internationally reputed air safety expert, A.Ranganathan (The Hindu dated March 26th has explained in detail how this mishap could have occurred and what possible rational conclusions can be drawn. He had cited two or more such plane mishaps. One the Silk Air flight MI 185 and also the Egypt Air flight 990 on October 31, 2009 and also the United Airlines flight 93.

As per his study of these air accidents, he comes to some tentative conclusions that this accident must have accured owing to some illegal human intervention. Pilot suicides could be a real possibility he says, the expert gives some very detailed and critical reasons how the aircraft had behaved once it went off air and also the very many possibilities for some such speculations, the ultimate cause for such a serious failures of duty could have occurred may be the pilot’s suicide.

Of course all this doesn’t give us any consolation, the loss of lives of so many passengers is the real tragedy that can’t be compensated by any means.

Says Ranganathan, the expert: “This flight path (as the expert details all the possibilities could only have been flown deliberately and only by someone who was highly experienced and skilled. The three tragedies studied result in heavy loss of innocent lives. It is time for the international aviation community to realise that pilot suicide is a potential threat that needs urgent attention”.

Now, there are further evidences forthcoming. A French satellite has found 122 possible debris of MH 370 in the Indian Ocean. A top Malaysian official has said this is so far the “most credible lead that we have”. The objects range from one metre to 23 metres.

Other countries in the search and their confirmation come from Australia, New Zealand besides France.

The 239 people who perished is a heart-rending experience, the wailing relatives and their kind make for the greatest human tragedy of recent years.

So, considering the possibility that in the very near or even far future such a chance to collect and analyse the debris and other evidences might come out, it is only morally correct to recall the announcement your hon’ble office made.

Please announce and also promise and commit the Malaysian government in the new initiative that could keep up the morale of the ones who lost their dear one and the kind and also for the universal community of sympathisers and they must be only too many and too persisting with the hope for some breakthrough.

Also the very international community of avaibcementyiciation experts and the governments and also big countries like the USA and European Community, also the Asian and ASEAN community to share the grief and also contribute to the further incessant search for finding the real clue to this great tragedy.

Only such new announcement would go some way to calm and sooth the impact of this great loss of lives.

Yours sincerely,

(Former Member, Madras Legislative Council and Chairman, Vadamalai Media, Bangalore)

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