PMO is now getting noticed? Or, becoming controversial?

As we go to press we learn the Prime Minister has constituted a group under the leadership of the Finance Minister to study the post-G2 issues. This is a wise step.

The UP election is the only time when India was seen active and engaged. There were so many controversies, Cabinet Ministers were hauled by the Election Commission, so many confessions and contradictions by the ministers, the media and the mediate debates only added colour to the election such as the “make or break” election. Rahul Gandhi’s dreams rest on the outcome of the election.
In all this noise and din, we didn’t hear the Prime Minister even once. He was conspicuous by his serene silence or by his discreet wisdom!
It depends how serious and mature a citizen are you!

Otherwise, the basic issues of governance were as serious and they remain unresolved.

The PM might not have spoken once on any weighty matter but at least the PMO, it was said under a new secretary, made some moves to activate the policy-making process.

But the news analysis by one newspaper, a business paper with some modicum of independent spirit (where all the other major newspapers have become all suddenly wise and choose to play safe!), we found some news of sorts.

The critical sectors are in infrastructure. The rise of the PMO, it seems, is not seen as the rise of the PM who is seen as caught in new controversies.

One was the PM’s open criticism of the NGO spearheading the anti-nuclear agitation in TN where the PM said the NGOs are receiving donations from the US in particular for conducting the opposition to the TN plant where already it is said something like Rs.10 thousand crores and more are invested.

Then comes the coal sector where things don’t seem to be moving. The CEO of Coal India seems to have said, in contrary stance of the PMO, that the primary competence of the Coal India is in mining not in importing coal. We don’t know much about this sector but it is seen as another controversy, not to enhance the image of the PM! Then it was Jairam Ramesh who came out in support of the NGOs(?) and this was seen as a division of opinion in the government.

But the most disappointing situation today in the co9untry is that the government with so many talkative ministers in the Cabinet, are all seem to be mute spectators to the move to move the Supreme Court for direction and guidance on the 2G scam bust, as decided by the apex court.

How long, how more months the PM will be waiting for such directions?

This is the real tragedy of the UPA-II which is grounded by confusion and a total breakdown of confidence, there is a real paralysis of self-confidence on the part of the Government of India
What is this? Is there any instance like this in the entire history of Independent India?

A government that is supposed to make policy, supposed to draw the best expertise and talents in the country, set up committees and panels, this government once was noted only for setting up almost hundreds of committees(now, by the way how many committees are on record ,can anyone tell us?)

Why no more a new committee to examine the 2G scam judgment and what can be done from the point of the government by way of new initiatives?

Where are the technocrats and innovators like Sam Pitroda? Where are the most clever of the men and women in the Dr.Singh’s Cabinet?
Okay, where is Kapil Sibal and what he is doing and what is his take on the 2-G outcome, what is the wisdom gained by the judgement?
After all the PM selected a Cabinet colleague for various reasons? One must surely be for his or her sense of maturity and judgement. Surely, by any account Kapil Sibal, the man who carries the baby now is this very gentleman and he is known not for his silent mode but for his vociferous interventions, right?

Why not he set up a committee of the best brains and the best expertise around?

Surely, no government can do what the wisdom of the PM now is doing?

You approach the apex court with the advice of the same legal advice!

It is simply ridiculous to say the least. Anyway, now let the government do what it intends to do.

But please note the entire country is watching what you are doing or what you are seen as failing to do.

This perception of a deception or a disillusion  with your running out of all talents or your very morale might come to the final judgement day  is not very far. The next election, at any time, very likely sooner rather than later, might be very harsh.

People have had enough of this dithering.

This is not really governance, just the opposite!

There are a range of sectors, all very critical for the 12th plan, all in the very basic sectors, from power, oil exploration, natural gas, even such other critical areas like railways and roads.

Railways cry for attention.

That may next be the very basic critical sector as our railways, when you compare it with other Asian neighbours, is in a run-down conditions, the tracks are old, the coaches are ageing, signals and safety are all becoming very critical every day. With such bright spots like Delhi Metro and men like E.Sridaran still around it is unpardonable, if the Indian railways is not modernised as quickly as possible.

Please drop all lethargy and diffidence at your own inadequacies and do something before it is too late to save reputations.  The government needs to pick up its nerves and will to take some bold moves.

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