Yes, food production in India is also rising!
So, what is the relationship or the contradiction?
Parliament debates on price rise and inflation.

Parliament is a supreme body, the very voice and articulation of the people. So, Parliament can debate on any issue of public importance and who doesn’t know that price rise and inflation are critical issues.

But there is the timing and the aim, both surface and ulterior aim of this debate.

It looks the UPA is almost at the end of its wits, so to say.
It has been doing well but somehow it has been pulled itself into its own unwisdom, if we can say so.

Why the government, one can’t blame one individual be he the Prime Minister or the Congress President. Somehow, the duo has come to symbolise all that is wrong with the government today. It is very unfortunate. But we have to talk and in politics and public life one have to criticise the issues and one has to take the blame, right!

After the second term started, this government gave the impression that it had got a clear mandate to give good governance and an open governance and an open society where people would find their own hearts and souls. But alas! How time flies, within two years we find ourself in this mess.
So, we have to articulate.

To tell the truth and talk plainly, it is not the price rise and inflation that has led to this state of affairs. Though no one says so openly.

It is the blatant corruption on the unprecedented scale that had put off people and the tolerance limit was crossed when we say the poor old almost unnoticed so far, Anna Hazare came from nowhere and almost galvanised the middle class, the well-off sections thanks to Dr.Singh’s liberalisation policies, this very well-informed sections came out in such a spontaneous outburst of anger and helplessness.

The government got unnerved. Jantar Mantar acquired an almost overnight glow of fame and rallying point.

The youth also came out for the first time in the open. Rahul Gandhi who was projected with not much solid evidence, Rahul who was supposed to have represented the youth was nowhere to be seen.

Instead of the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi rushing to pacify the Anna Team and they took the wrong steps. The PM was seen rushing to and back from Rashtrapathy Bhavan!

Sonia Gandhi proved she is no mass leader. She is neither an Indira Gandhi!
So, the game was given away.

The momentum got transferred into the Opposition hands, though no one says so openly even to this day.

The only one reason why the UPA is still pulling along is not numbers. It is the failure of the BJP to come out with a coherent face
Who knows there is an inner power struggle within the BJP itself?
They have to put forward a common face.
Who will be the next face?

Advani or others from the next line? Who they probably are?
If this question is settled, sooner or later, then it is clear, the UPA might lose elections if held in time or before.

The 2-G and the CWG scams, now under the CBI net and also under the SC scanner won’t end soon.

It might drag on. It might drag the government which, surprisingly, has lately become so blind to common sense.

Why don’t you concede the Lokpal bill to include the PM and the higher judiciary. It is against the universal Ombudsman

Concept. Let us go with the international best practices.

The seven bright men who constitute the media team seem to be adamant.
They want to indulge in their own brainwashing of the media.

They are most of them lawyers. May be that gives them the rigidity.
Now as for the inflation and price control, can we say these two issues are now universal?

Price rise and inflation are intrinsically linked, every average economists must be knowing and we have too many economists in the government now, to the budget deficits. Indian budget deficit is already high and universally linked to the US budget and US debt issue.

Our honble MPs must do some reading and must conduct some high level seminars so that some international and even Indian experts can enlighten them about the prices rise and inflation.

So, the point here is that price rise has hurt every one, every section. It is not it hurts only the gas cylinder users and the diesel users only.
So, the inflation, as per a latest report, hurts most of the rural population. There are many measures of inflation. One is the  Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers(CPI-AL).The CPI-AL data provide monthly inflation for 20 states, shows, in very brief terms, the CPI-AL stood highest, in the last three years(2008-2011) at 12.I per cent and 12.8 per cent respectively. This is for food and fuel prices only. Food items in the index come to 69.71 per cent, fuel 8.35 per cent.

So, price rise and inflation is a burden on the aam aadmi! Bihar with the top inflation rate of 14.8 per cent in a year, Haryana and Karnataka with 13.2 per cent.

So, price and rise and inflation management is an expert’s job! If Dr.Singh can’t do this, who else?

Certainly, this Parliamentary debate is not about prices and inflations. It is about testing the political waters!

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