Mrs.Sonia Gandhi,
Indian National Congress
24, Akbar Road,
New Delhi-1o0 011

Dear Mrs. Gandhi,

Sub: The case of Dr.Kalimani Babu -Congress  activist and leader -application for Rajya Sabha -regarding

Dr.Kalaimani Babu is a medical   practitioner who has sacrificed her profession for working for the Congress party  full-time in Tamil Nadu.
As a lady and as an activist  who has led  many struggles on behalf of the party she has  approached me  now  for a recommendation to your goodself.Which I couldnt refuse and so this letter!

I know well  that she is very keen to serve the party in newer capacities and if a chance is goven to her she would prove to be an asset to the party in Tamil Nadu where you know the state of the party is not at all good.

In fact,Dr.Babu is  quite  a fit person  for be put at the head of the TNCC if such  a chance comes.

She is quite dedicated and committted to the party and if I may say so so openly,she is so selfless and utterly honest and uncorrupt to the core!

I am sorry to   say certain things in the context now.

TNCC has become so nonfunctional and in fact fallen into a rut and has become an instrument in the hands of the ruling party. The state unit is working at cross purposes and has done a lot of damage to the credibility of the image of the party.

Now,with the Youth Congress elections are over and Rahul Gandhi did a good job,the Youth  Congress office beareers are without a direction and a programme to  act upon.
All this,i m y opinion,calls for drastic action  and a new set of office bearers tothe TNCC would do much to galvanize the party unit in the state.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,


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