The world is a better place to live!
In spite of the new challenges!
There is plenty of optimism for the world!

A series of breath-taking technological revolutions and new tools
Our life becomes more easy and more productive.

Wealth creation is becoming more equally based and widespread.
Computers came, now it seems, a very long time ago. There was a time when the world looks very different. It was time when a blue covered small paperback volume, IBM Way, used to be sold on the public platforms!

Then came a book, hardcover, I bought immediately as soon I saw the title: Made in Japan!

Then came a slim volume, Silicon Valley Fever!
Now, after 2000, suddenly the world took a speedy break through!

“We had two spells of new age thinking “says Mark Casson, professor of economics at the University of Reading.”Both were fostered by the idea that normal rules of economics, making profit or managing risk didn’t apply now.
In every new economic crisis, he feels, new industry appears and new ways of thinking takes place for people.

People also thing that they are again in a new age!

Currenlty, there is such a feeling. The US economic recession has jolted everybody. Big and small people feel they have a new chance to reorder their lives!

So, what is new now?
It looks there will be new booms in certain areas.

Say in mobile technology. More people will buy and use the new technology.
So too there will be boom in the Internet use.

Web technology takes the centre stage, says every one.

The eb has become deeply embedded in our day to lives and our whole imagination, our whole outlook on life and business and activities are all now conditioned and moved by the deployment of web technology.

Biggest corporate names now were all unheard of in the year 2000!
Google was incorporated Larry Page and Sergey Brin from a Stanford University dorm in September 1998.In 2000 they had revenues of 19 million dollars. Last year it had 21.8 billion dollars!

This is revolution! Revolution in wealth creation of an entirely new kind!
MySpace was set up in 2003.Facebook became available to wide public in September 2006. You Tube went live in February 2005.Google bought it for 1.65 billion 18 months later!

The explosion of global communications is a massive mega-trend, say observers about the coming revolutions.

Everyone on the planet can talk to each other for the first time in history we cant possibly know how this will impact on our lives in the future. Because it hasn’t happened before in history. It is a whole new universe; it is a whole new experience for man!

Apple comes and makes world a much more beautiful place!
Apple has given the world another whole new experience. Technological tools as aesthetic experiences.

What a design, what a beauty, what a new type of experience.
Apple made the world entirely a more exciting place to live and work. October 2001 came the Apple iPod. iPhone in 2007.Apple had profits of 600 million dollars and revenues of 6 billion.

In the entire recession time, only Apple shares soared!
This is another new revolution. A revolutionary experience.

So too the US recession and the new scandals, high wages for the few and the misery for the millions. A historic joblessness and what are more even countries like India felt the global impact. Migrants returned home, though in a small stream, there is much potential for new tensions, racial hatred rose, Obama restricted the entry of non Americans into new jobs. There is a new “surge “in Afghan war.

One doesn’t know fully now, what the future holds for the world.
But one thing seems certain.

There wont be another war after the two world wars.
There wont be a nuclear war.

Obama is a new avatar on the world stage.
Let us all realise the great world, we are living through!

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