Younger age group captures the levers of power!
Indian democracy is real or just a facade of capturing power
By undemocratic Methods?

Indian democracy is becoming stronger? In what sense?
Is there democracy in the major parties?

Yes, the Congress got a near majority and is in power.
But the party is not genuinely democratic.
It is a made-up power management.

The BJP is in crisis.Why? There is a power struggle.
Younger age group wants to capture power.
So, Jaswant Singh and Yashwant Sinha sidelined.
Rajnath Singh wants to hold on.

Even the ruling party, the Congress doesn’t think it is important to evolve into a democratic party.

The Indian democratic system is getting what is called “Congressised”!
That is adopting so0me other means to keep the same person or persons in power, through all means.

Somehow, there is not a proper appreciation of the role of Opposition in a democracy.
No democracy, more so an open society, a liberal democracy or as they call in Western European countries, social democracy, the role of the Opposition party is well-appreciated and the leaders of opposition parties, be they of the Right or Left or Centre-right or Centre-left have their own contributions to enrich the political life in those rather advanced countries and societies.

Here in India, there is no such healthy outlook among the parties.It becomes often too personal.

We saw the slanging match between Dr.Singh and Mr.L.K.Advani.

Now, what is rather disappointing is that the Congress after the current elections had become a bolder party and tried to ignore the senior leaders who lost their number of seats expected.
Suddenly, everyone tried to hype the election results.

There was a concerted propaganda, brand management to boost Rahul Gandhi as the main face for the Congress win.

But very soon, if not already, realities will hit such image building.

Rahul couldn’t win in key states like Bihar, Orissa and Karnataka where also he toured intensively and his candidates didn’t win.

Also, as the sections of media had pointed out there is an increase in the number of MPs with criminal records, 153 of 535 MPs to be precise (as per the National Election Watch, 74 to be precise in the dock for the more serious crimes like robbery, attempt to murder, inciting communal vice and the like), 98 MPs failed to provide their PAN details, more correlates (Congress has 138 crorepati MPs). Of course all parties have crorepatis! Also remember, there are the states where the BJP won! In short people voted for also good governance records
Also in ministry formation there is an imbalance among the states, some lost out, some gained disproportionately.Also, among the incumbent new comers to the key ministries like HRD and Law we have to wait and watch.

Now, the critical question is the role of the Opposition.
The BJP is now facing an internal crisis.

BJP has a historic future and a historic role as a major all-India party and it can gain power if it puts its ideology into some modern jargon and substance.

Hindustan must gorses must be distanced and also a heavy dose of modern socio-economic content must come to the BJP ideology.

The shapers of policy in that party must be the successful chief ministers, not of course Narendra Modi, but men like real performers like Chauhan and Ram Singh.

Indian people, irrespective of castes, religions and even socio-cultural reasons voted in big way to the Congress because, as it is pointed out by experts, the SCs and STs and even the OBCs or some sections that their future lies in good education for their children, even English medium education and also other social security measures, if they voted for the Congress.
So, any big party or an all India party must have an all India outlook, a secular outlook, the business of narrow agendas, like caste, region and even some such divisive agendas are now bound to disappear.

We need a modern socio-economic agenda.
Let us call it the Center Left, Centre-Right or some variations of these themes, counched in modern jargon.

Ideology, political ideology is still relevant in India.Time has come to introduce some basic reforms, political reforms,like internal democracy within the parties,a healthy debate about the agenda-setting and also learn lessons from other more mature democracies.
The days of men like Narendra Modi or Karunanidhi are gone.

Even leaders like Sharad Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav have to do some serious introspection.To speak against English and computers are suicidal!

Please,for heaven’s sake,give up such bad thoughts.So too the Hindutva.Men like Hegdewar and Guruji cant become political ideological pathfinders in this age of globalisation and when every segment of the Indian society is tuned to rising aspirations.

The BJP has a bright chance in the next round of elections.The party must rise up to the challenges.The BJP leaders must speak in English and in jargon that goes down well with the younger generation and even the Dalits.

The Dalits are as patriotic as any other section, can we forget this message?

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