Date : 11.11.2008

Ms.Margaret Alva,
General Secretary, AICC,
24, Akbar Road,
New Delhi – 110 011

Dear Madam,

Sub : Your revelations about the Congress party nominating kith and kin of  senior Congress leaders in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

I must congratulate you for the courageous stand you had taken in doing a great national service in the cause of the great history and ideals of the Indian National Congress.

You have done  your distinguished family proud of  the great sacrifices they underwent in the cause of India Independence.

Your in-l was were great persons, great leaders and only your family had the distinction of seeing both of them becoming MPs on their own merit, without any props.

Sadly, today this great legacy of the Congress ideals, selfless service to the cause of the nation, is turned upside down.

Unless persons like you don’t come forward and expose the deteriorating culture in the party, there is no hope for the country.

I had become a member of the Congress party ever since my return from Oxford in the year 1961.

I had never for once thought of changing my values or sought office on any pretent. I stood as an Independent and won the Madras Legislative Council, way back in 1968 when the great Kamaraj was alive. I worked under Kamaraj and Atulya Ghosh in 1967 General Elections at the AICC on Jantar Mantar Road when the party engaged me to write its propaganda pamphlets.

I have been actively engaged in many public activities, including my publications and what I find today in the party is a sure downward march.

That is a great pity.

I can say without contradiction, it is sheer leadership failure to take appropriate decisions that led to the Congress defeat in Karnataka. In TN too the very mortal fear of Mr.Karunanidhi made Sonia Gandhi to keep mum and let the DMK roam the state as a wild elephant!

I have written letters to Soniaji but sadly there is somewhere something wrong.

She doesn’t seem to be interested, no replies to letters, no involvement in the party’s functionings in the states.

No PCCS, DCCS and where else the votes come from? From friendly parties?

The old families, the traditional Congress families feel let down and they are drifting elsewhere. What else they would do? Where else the youngsters would go?

There is a need for new articulations, new visions and new inner dynamism from within the party.

We have an unelected Prime Minister, weak Constitutional heads and the country seem to be drifting towards a sort of anarchy.

All this is worrying and let us hope at least some leaders like you take courage and do speak out.

That would be doing much good.
With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,


CC : Dr.Karan Singh, Member of Parliamjent and President, ICCR, Azad Bhawan, Inderprastha Estate, New Delhi – 110 002

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