History is series of accidents

Big events have no big causes!

Marxists believe history has a pattern or lessons. Non-Marxists like Alan Taylor (who taught me history) thought history is a series of accidents. As  Taylor had said many a time the first war was triggered because  on the  “fateful July 28 1914,all the six assassins at Sarajevo missed their  mark; Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot only because his driver had taken a wrong turning and stopped, enabling Principal, the assassin to step on  the running side-board and take a second shot” (A.J.P.Taylor, A biography (page 226).

So too, in Taylor’s view other great events: Hitler’s “seizure of power “in 1933. Also Lenin’s “seizure of power” in 1917. Here too Taylor gives new insights, other than the brainwashing tomes on the topic! Some  of the latest books on such dictators and human monsters like Mao and  Hitler show us new insights. One new book on Hitler (The Third Reich in Power, 1933-1939 by Richard Evans) gives us in India new insights how even now fascism, Nazism can turn state power into police states!

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