His 100 days?
There is work here for the Congress.

In fact,the Congress must constitute a brains-trust.There is much conceptualising of an ideological assault on the BJP government functioning even within its first 100 days.Its outlook,its pronouncements and the criticisms from the public and elite and also from the apex court.The Supreme court’s 5-judge constitution court has given its ‘advice’as to the PM on his office as a great trust under the constitution.This is a great indictment.The Congress hasn’t seized the opportunity.
Much more worrying for India is the state of India’s isolation in the world today.Mr.Modi might be busy with his foreign forays.Fine.But then he is so ignorant or unconcerned about what is happening in the outside world.
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Rahul Gandhi faces criticisms within the party
Senior leaders question his abilities
Is the Congress splitting?
Sonia Gandhi’s silence and inaction are no solutions.

Neither Sonia Gandhi nor Rahul Gandhi are willing to meet visitors,nor talk to people or travelling in the states.How do they hope to revive the party’s fortunes?
Time and tide don’t wait for anyone.Unless you act and do things,you might be swept away by the tide of the times.
Please understand the Zeitgeist of the times.There is much work to be done by the Congress party.
The national mood is mixed.Hopes and anxieties.Please exploit the situation.It is politics!
After the Lok Sabha debatable the Congress party is at a standstill.There is no movement forward from what we saw last at the AICC headquarters where appears Sonia Gandhi along with son,Rahul Gandhi.To attend the CWC meeting.The duo offered to resign and as expected the sycophants packed body with such luminaries like Fotedar and R.K.Dhawan,the long-time family retailers loudly protesting and making the withdrawal of the offer to resign a big show.
Who doesn’t know the CWC is an unelected body for quite along time,as long as more than 20 years!
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The  5-judge constitution bench has ‘advised’ the Narendra  Modi government to be wary of the tainted ministers, some 13 of them,with criminal and corruption charges against them holding office. This – the bench said in a landmark judgement – would betray the trust the Indian constitution holds in the office of the Prime Minister.The bench further observed that the constitution can’t write every line  for every situation.The judges meant, in common man’s language, that  the Prime Minister holds enormous power and responsibility to have clean ministers.Then only these high worthies would be expected to  take decisions  free of any burden and therefore could serve the  people in the largest public interest. This advice is now hanging as a cloud over the Modi governance mantra.

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