Indians should understand China in a more serious manner.
Chinese President Xi Jinping ?was in India recently and there were many developments, pleasant and not so pleasant. The pleasant ones were the Chinese president and his charming first lady who showed a new generation air. Modern minded looks, openness and a sense of ?reality. The unpleasant ones were the increased suspicion after we saw the Chinese troops amassed and the Indian troops holding the Indian flags and the warning cum information that the Chinese troops were in the Indian Territory.
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What are the practical alternatives?
On-going power projects to suffer?
This is done after ?an earlier judgement that allied the coal allocations arbitrary and illegal. Now, the apex court followed it with the natural consequence of declaring the major allocations as unsustainable and the court also imposed fines of Rs.295 per metric ton of coal extracted so far by the illegal mine owners. The government would get revenue from this fine about Rs.10,000 crores.
This decision of the apex court ?was not what the industry wanted. They had already got away with the illegal allocations. It is also ?very late in the day. These allocations were done long ago, from 1993 onwards.
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Much good will come to India’s growth story!
Three times Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr.Modi as the PM now would definitely bring with him administrative skills and therefore there is every reason to believe that he would impact on the Indian economic scenario.
Even within the first three or fourth month?s time we can see this change. A change in the mood of the people. Mood of the administration and also in the corporate sector.
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Mr.Narendra Modi is full of promises. That is a positive sign and strength. His first US visit is expected to bring good results. There is a short and long term perspective here.
Only those who know well the US-establishment ways know well the US adopts certain legalistic protocols. They don?t do things in a casual way and they do their home-work a bit elaborately.
UN General Assembly every year is an open world forum for the heads of government to articulate their own and the world’s ?priority issues.
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