Capitalism is good and needed for faster economic growth!

Unbridled avarice and greed bad! Capitalism as an economic growth engine!

narayanamurthyCorruption under Capitalism can be fought, as proved in South Korea and Brazil where elected Presidents were impeached and removed! Actually Indian politics needs to be sensitised over how to tackle the corruption that is now unbridled and almost unstoppable!

A recent controversy erupted over Infosys founder N.R.Narayanamurthy’s criticism of his own company now managed by professional management paying high salaries to the CEO and the COO, as high as Rs.50 crores to 40 crores. But then the board quickly justified saying the high salaries are in tune with the trend. Of course, other Indian companies to pay high salaries! The point here Infosys has set a target for 20 billion dollars in the next few years!

Some experts, from management and other sectors argue that capitalism is after all what it is and what it does. Capitalism is good and it creates wealth. So too jobs and cuts poverty. It is another thing that Capitalism had a very controversial past, starting from Karl Marx days.

Capitalism has a great history : Capitalism has also a great history. It is the economic system where the entrepreneur takes big risks and invests capital and triggers economic growth.

Now, in the new century, with India, China and the USA in mind, we have to see that it is the US economy, the engine of economic growth. But China’s growth rate is 6.7, India 6.6 and the US So, the whole world looks to India as the next big story! Also, China, a Communist country has adopted the capitalist system, with state enterprises and has shown to the world, it is now the world’s third biggest economy, India is predicted to become the third big economy. Russia is nowhere in the picture!

What if, if there are millions under poverty. At least we have found out new ways to accelerate economic growth. We have the technologies, Internet, also technologies like AI (Artificial intelligence, Robotics and many else!

Education has also spread as never before! In every country of the world, from Africa to Asia and elsewhere, there is a furious spread of education. So too medical help and healthcare. Take agriculture, a field in which we are engaged, in spite of much indifference and ignorance of policy makers, there is now the realisation that we can now feed the world. World hunger is attacked squarely by FAO and other agencies.

If you study the big economies there is great deal of poverty in the world and also inside India. To cut the story short, we have to see that Capitalism is the only way, it seems, that thrived and transformed the post-war world. In 1989 Communism collapsed that was hailed as the end of history! Even in the IT and Internet era it is Capitalist, the knowledge economy where you find the new IT billionaires coming from. The world under the new economy has produced unprecedented wealth on the global scale. It is rightly observed that we live at a time when we witness the world poverty significantly and world’s wealth production scaled new heights on an unprecedented scale.
The per capita income on the global scale has increased, though, as it is often quoted that still there are millions of people who live on 1.25 dollars a day!

This new wealth and new hope has to be welcomed and recognised by all concerned. So, the world is now a much better place than ever it had been!’

Capitalism now changed : It is now a caring capitalism, a compassionate system. Capitalism and the history of the modern world is a fascinating story. Max Weber’s (1864-1920) “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” is one classic every one of us, who are all concerned with economy and the economic policy making must read and get some enlightenment. Max Weber saw capitalism as a rational organisation of formally free labour. Capitalism is also seen as dominated by the making of money. Economic acquisition is no longer seen as subordinated to man as the means of satisfaction of his material needs. We all seek material comforts and economic security. And so Capitalism is getting a good grade!

But for various reasons that capitalism always attracted criticism, from the time of Bible to the present times. Property was seen as a ‘theft’ and somehow man’s greed came in for much criticism. The Bible asked: “Why are the many poor?”No suitable answer is forthcoming!

Yes, it is for the profit seeking motive of man only Capitalism exists. As Adam Smith famously said:”It is not by the benevolence of the butcher you get your dinner. It is for the self-motivated benefit only the economic ends are met!

So, in spite of calling for an ascetic way of lifestyle, simplicity and restraint and all that, you have to admit that capitalism exists, existed for all the wrong reasons, as Marx would argue. Marx thundered about the bourgeoisie exploitation and the class conflicts that was to lead to the capitalist collapse and the rise of the dictatorship of the proletariat! We know how history has proved!

Karl Marx’s later years : But as I read in one of the latest biographies of Karl Marx(Karl Marx, Greatness and Illusion, by Gareth Stedman Jones, Penguin) how Marx too became a sort of bourgeois gentleman himself in his London days and enjoyed certain material comforts!

So, every one of us who speak of high moral principles have to be modest in our language and expressions.

The exploitative capitalism is still there, right here in our own midst.

But at the same time we have to see how capitalism also has changed over the years. It is now a lifeline for the millions of poor in one generation to get out of the poverty trap.

There is much optimism on India’s economic future

Fine! Then what are the Prime Minister’s priorities to reach out the poor?

modiThe Prime Minister, after the flush of victories in UP and other states, has now come to the theme that he would reach out to the poor. Wonderful! But are his new priorities to attack poverty? You see, it is an old theme. The poor are very much here and they also constitute the world’s largest population, you know?

So, no government honestly anywhere in the world had given any new mantra to accelerate the economic growth.

If the PM sits for a moment and thinks, then he would find himself against a rock! The UP farm loan waiver to the extent of Rs.35,000 crores is in a large state where the expenditure in the current year in agriculture comes to just 2-3%!

So, what sort of relief the farmers would get. And so too other states. The states are in heavy debts. So, the farm loan waiver is no sure remedy to help the poor farmers, not just farmers but other poorer sections. So you need serious policy framework. Rural India is a complex web.

So too the urban migration. Jobs haven’t been created at the rate as Yogi Adityanath imagines.

So, the CM has to spell out more job creating industries. More innovative industries. So, industrial investments also need incentives. The Yogi too has to go for full-page ads and global investment conference. But he seems to be still talking about other priorities, including a Hindurashtra!

Also, the PM has to have an all India perspective. The rivers, from Teesta to Ganga-Southern rivers link is a high priority. But there is no such indication from the PM’s pronouncements so far.

It is also important that other parties too much co-operate with the government.
It is for the Congress to realise that its persistence with dynastic politics doesn’t take it anywhere.

We have to say certain uncomfortable things about the opposition party. Manmohan Singh can help either the ruling party or the opposition party. Otherwise he has to just retreat. He seems to be giving conflicting signals. He should advise Sonia and Rahul what use he can have to the party.

Otherwise, he should allow the party to do things in a different way. The Congress is a large party. It is a historic party. It has to rediscover its mission. The party, to start with should conduct a weekly seminar, though a small seed, on the future ideology of the party. Every week, an evening one speaker must be speaking to a small audience on the critical next steps. It should be a political topic. Say liberalist politics for a multi-party and multi-cultural society.

There should be open discussions and debates within the confines of the party headquarters. Sonia or Rahul must receive visitors or they should make up their minds to retire and be advisors.

Let us all be a bit honest. Our meetings with senior leaders in Delhi show a pathetic picture. Every senior seems to give the impression that the existing state of affairs with some office and a bungalow seems alright and they seem to imagine they can hang on for an indefinite period!

This is a foolhardy affairs. We warn them. Politics doesn’t wait for messiahs! The bad guys are pushed out. Today, there is a wide awakening. Education has spread. Migration has woken up even the illiterates. Old time loyalties are weakened. Let there be a national consensus on the basic economic and Parliamentary political agendas! WE are a democracy. There is no point to look for any nostalgia. Let us look forward and move towards a honourable self-introspection! Thank you!

l say that the world did not prepares to deal with the emerging risks. Gates says that “getting ready for a global pandemic is every bit as important as nuclear deterrence and avoiding a climate catastrophe”. we are concerned with immediate military conflicts and refugee crises but then, as Bill Gates has warned in a recent speech that climate and technological threats are a reasonable probability ,catastrophe may cost millions of lives in the next decade.

Why, here is one more dire predictions! Next 50 years, we are told, are crucial and depending on how countries are able to cut emissions over the next 50 years will determine the conditions of people’s lives on earth. This is from the Stockholm university’s Resilience Centre! The dire predictions are too much and when we think of future we have to keep this aspect of the Paris climate agreement in mind as well.

What is politics? Why politics is a high priority?

politicsYou see that ever since the time of Plato, from the 5th century BC to the present times, we are all bound and live by what we call politics, a process of power that we, without knowing fully well, take our political binding as given. At any time, we are citizens of a government!

We are born into politics. Then, what is politics?

Many have answered that question. Even Plato himself had given his lessons. In Plato’s time itself the Athenian politics was seen with violence and corruption! So, Plato was disgusted and along with his friend and teacher, Socrates, Plato asked questions and sought answers.

Plato was not just a theoretician, he was a practical person, and he travelled and advised other kings (as in Syracuse) and also wrote Constitutions.

So, politics was essentially seen as power, political power that had an over-riding power over other forms of power, economic power, military power or religious and divine powers too.

Till now, this political power was seen as confined to the limits of some territorial geography.

Olden days we had had empires that went beyond national boundaries. For example, Roman Empire spread almost to the then known world. Also, such empires also denoted certain well-defined civilisational conduct of the people living within that boundary.
Roman empire was seen as the most extensive and also the most civilised empire.
So, arose from the Roman Empire all the modern world’s political institutions. Senate, the emperor, his paeretorian guards, the courts, the treasury, prisons, law and military and the civic amenities, roads, water channels, civil buildings, the city etc.

Now, politics means that the people become citizens and we see the first democracy in Athens, the concept of liberty. Pericles becomes the role model for later-day rulers.
Now, modern day politics is also about power and the exercise of power.

National territories define the limits of modern state power. The state has the coercive power over the lives of citizens.

How to ensure the citizens gets the fulfilment, the enjoyment of freedoms and security?
The point here is that every citizen now realises the state has power and also the state has duties.

Politics becomes a supreme form of the exercise of power and therefore we are at a point of time in history that politics and that too democratic politics too calls for new aspirations and new rules of governance.

A touchy question. No one asks and no one seems to be anywhere near to come near attempting an answer either!

The party is in clear decline. It is a leaking boat or a sinking ship. The signs are ominous.
Mrs.Sonia Gandhi is clearly not interested in the job.

congress-mainSee, even after one month passed since it got a drubbing in UP and Uttarkhand and also lost the opportunity in bidding for power in Goa and Manipur, she never bothered to call for an immediate meeting of the CWC or the other bodies to deliberate the causes and take suitable remedial measures.

She just vanished away from public view. And yet we are also seeing everyday antics, if we can say so, by Congress party members in the Rajya Sabha where the senior members haven’t done any great thing except to draw the wrath of the Chairman or Deputry Chairman for not following established rules of the House business.

Also, as if to add to our dismay we see some weak remarks, neither in the name of any new idea or any substantial reflections from the former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.

Yes, Singh is an expert, his expertise in economics, finance etc. Not in politics and governance. Even the latest Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report of Parliament indicted the former PM for being “evasive” on many crucial decisions ,from the Commonwealth Games to other big projects and so the heavy loss to the exchequer.

In a book release function in Delhi the learned scholar-turned political leader has warned of “disastrous consequences, by quoting, of all people, the great inscrutable Mao Zedong! To tell the Indian audience that the Chinese leader said something about the French Revolution! And we should be beware of such a warning.

What does that warning mean?

Does Singh imagine that India might face a situation like 1789 French society and politics? A Revolution? Singh’s fears or predilections? We can just ignore such lazy talks or murmurs!

Such serious topics demand certain gravitas and certain deeper reflections! Not harmless book release functions that are dime a dozen in Delhi!

It is an irony, no, a tragedy of great day and time when the country cries for a robust democratic polity, the Congress leaders are indulging in small nitpickings!

The Congress today has become almost an ICU case from which there doesn’t seem to recover so easily.

Take the party’s functioning in the states. In many states, the party doesn’t exist. my own state, Tamil Nadu, a state once known for the great leaders like Rajaji and Kamaraj and many luminaries in law and administration, both in the pre-independence and post-independence times is today in a pathetic position.

The recently seen AIADMK party split led to many comical scenes. A by-election was held in a Chennai city constituency where the split units contested elections that was marked by large-scale money distribution to voters.

The dominant wing of the AIADMK mobilised funds as much as Rs.90 odd crores, the distribution was so meticulously planned that the Income-tax department raided the premises of the ministers and caught the funds distribution red-handed and so the election was post-poned by the Election Commission.

Where was the state Congress party? What its leaders were telling the voters?
The PCC President, a rank outsider and turncoat to boot, said that the DMK would be winning! Is he a PCC leader or an agent of the DMK. The Congress party in the state is now led by party defectors and actresses! In Delhi one actre, namely Nagma participates for the protesting farmers and in the state the party is inactive and simply witnessing the Armageddon of blatant money distribution that led to the cancellation of the very election!

AIADMK, a new phenomenon!
In fact, I like to tell the readers outside Tamil Nadu, that a candidate like T.T.V.Dinakaran who contested the by-election, I don’t see as an individual. He is a phenomenon, along with the incumbent minister, the duo make up the new phenomena in Indian electoral politics.

So, even after the demonetisation and the huge claims made by the Prime Minister Modi and his colleagues, we can say with some certainty that it is still possible to mobilise big black money hordes as done by the AIADMK heavyweights.

Now, the Income Tax Dept has indicated that it would call some six ministers to find out how they had so much money collected to distribute to the voters. Including the incumbent Chief Minister is cited as one more member in this list of ministers to be examined by the Income Tax Dept!

So, there must be now real action at the electoral reforms after all this comical election battle, if we can so call it! We have surely reached the lowest common denominator in Indian election politics. So, it is time to really act and do something radically. Who would take the lead? In all fairness, we can say that the Congress party must do this job.

Their leaders, some of the most competent lawyers and experienced politicians are ideally placed to come out with some definite electoral reforms. Manmohan Singh can lead from the front. That would also add legitimacy to their image as a party of some weight and character.

This, the Congress party must now do as a top priority. Instead, they seem to be preoccupied with some other agenda. May be they are hesitant by the fact that Sonia’s mind is not in such activities. She might be only intent on promoting her son and that is what is limiting the initiatives on a wider front.

It is for independent voices to articulate what needs to be done to reform the electoral system and punish and prevent the freebooters like the ones who manage to collect huge some, all black and unaccounted and that goes unnoticed by those who care and who are committed to do things as the situation demands.

Where are the leaders from Delhi?
What Sonia Gandhi is doing? Where is Manmohan Singh?

They didn’t stir out for one full month after the disastrous defeats in the Assembly elections?

Are there people yet in India who chooses to put their trust in Sonia Gandhi’s capabilities?

Can anyone even within the party can come out in the open and say this?
It is time she makes a graceful stand-aside and makes way for a change for others.

And the very former Prime Minister talks in a glib manner about French Revolution and Mao Zedung. The book that was released is all about cultivating hope in a challenging democracy! Irony and it is a supreme irony indeed.

The author of the book is none other than an one-time minister who had the audacity to correct the CBI report on the role of the then Prime Minister in the coal scam!
What we want to say here is that the leaders, however big or powerful he or she might be, must be persons of some basic credibility. They in their own roles, in various capacities and various roles must be observing some basic ethical and moral standards. Every one of us needn’t become the Mahatmas. We should at least be seen as persons of some moral calibre.

You lie blatantly, you do the wrongs knowing well this may rebound on you one day and also seen as leading a very self-imposed restrained life and look and do things in an ethical manner. You should not give yourself seemingly some undeserved luxuries of government bungalows and security that doesn’t really deserve your present position, right? Only when you go around in Delhi you realise how much public money is squandered in the name of protocol and keeping up forms and show!

I can’t be a mute witness to the destruction of the party that was built by great sacrifices. So, I am a bit restless and bitter in some respects. I can’t keep myself silent beyond a point.

Hence these rather seeming some harsh words. I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings and self-image. But then my self-image is not made by me alone. It is also made by others who view me and judge me for what I am really worth.

The outward image of the high offices would go away one day ,for sure. I would then be viewed for what I have done or what I had false imagined that I am worthy of what I imagine myself to be a person of some intrinsic value.

Sonia Gandhi seems to have arrived at her last phase as the leader of the Grand Old Party. It is time a new leadership change is brought about.

The way the party is agonising at the dilemma it finds itself is very discomforting to say the least. I look at the Indian history in a long-term perspective. The long past and also the long future.

India has now emerged as the world’s largest democracy. But the world’s largest democracy at what height glory?

As I have said often that when Pandit Nehru was at the helm it used to be said that India counted in the world forums. India mattered. But now? When India has grown strong economically and expanded in many areas of technology and trade, when the world itself had transformed what is the stature of India?

India has suddenly fallen silent, even after Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come about and gone around the world. Why this stoppage and what are Indian foreign policy priorities?

Take for instance the latest bombing of Syria on its own citizens. The chemical bombings killed some 90 off people, mostly civilians and children the visuals of which had shocked the whole world. A great democracy, India, didnt raises its voice! For that matter the heirs to Pandit Nehru’s legacy, the Congress party leaders, the seniors and learned persons like Manmohan Singh even dint give any statement.

What sort of message the Congress party is sending out? It is still in confusion whether to raise Rahul Gandhi as the new leader or postpone the decision? How long can you postpone? You have been indecisive for far too long. It reaches a breaking point, right now!

Time and tide don’t wait for anyone, right?

With a deep sense of moral responsibility and commitment, I say here these words.
It is of course hard to digest but the reality is so bitter. I feel that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and now they, the party insiders, also throw in now and then the name of Priyanka Gandhi as the three key strategists for the party to draw up plans for the next round of elections. This is unacceptable for a wide section of the part. They are lightweight. Let us see things realistically. The family might have predigree but no credibility or capacity whatever to lead the party any further. The BJP is strong and could only become stronger. Modi’s stature has grown and his oratory, commitment and leadership qualities already are drawing people, more so, from the Congress party, to make BJP almost invincible for quite some time.

Neither have they any moral stature nor any education and other qualifications to articulate new ideas or policies. Modi is already talking about, not 2019,but 2020!
As it is, they are heavily protected and hidden from public view and interaction. They are also already becoming inaccessible. They have to live like that for the rest of their lifetime, it seems..So, what chance is there for them to come out and interact and mingle with the crowds and otherwise.So9,let us see common sense and start deliberating honestly.

Otherwise, other events might push things in an unpredictable manner. This is history that could only repeat itself!

So, the time has come for the party to face the realities. Some leader or some rebel must break this self-imposed punishment and come out openly against Sonia Gandhi and context for a new leader who should be elected as the new party President.
Please don’t create an impossible situation that can’t be tolerated anymore.
All subtle and not so subtle warnings have gone unnoticed. This time it might prove to be rather explosive!

The functioning of government in Delhi today, that is, after the UP Assembly victory for the BJP, seems a bit directionless. The PM is talking suddenly about working for a New India! What this New India means?

No one is explaining!

At AICC, #7, Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi in the year 1967

At AICC, #7, Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi in the year 1967

As for the Delhi political scene, we see a certain emptiness. Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government chief minister is the other politician in the Capital to create some news or other. But he too seems to be indulging in some theatrics or other. He has imposed a debt of nearly Rs.3.5 crores in the form of litigation expenses on the Delhi citizens. Mr.Jethmalani is charging this fee for fighting a defamation suit filed by Arun Jaitley against Kejriwal. Or Kejriwal is also a good candidate for this type of news. One other was his expense for a lunch or dinner for a few at the coast of Rs.13, 000 odd for each guest! What serious news we have in the form of substantial issues.

Is this mock fight of superficial issues what grips public attention? None it seems. As for substantial issues, there are many basic reforms. Electoral reforms, why even economic reforms cry for attention and action.

The other day, the President Mr.Pranab Mukerjee participated in a forum that was attended by the Chief Justice of India, Justice Khehar and the next senior most judge of the Supreme Court. It was said that the electoral reforms cry for serious attention as more and more electoral malpractices, like the latest one from Tamil Nadu where the now-split AIADMK parties had brazenly distributed cash in such blatant manner that while the election campaign is still on, the income tax raids too place across the state! Cash was found in crores and the state election commissioner could do nothing!

It is no secret that the Election Commission (EC) under the existing provisions can’t do much. It can’t even disqualify the candidates violating the conduct rules and even to postpone the elections takes time! The EC is really impotent in the emerging new political realities.
So, the President, the Chief Justice and the senior most judge, all wanted reforms. Who would take the initiative?

There is simply a standstill in the top echelons of the government today. As for the political parties, the two major parties have their own priorities. The BJP wants to spread out and capture power in all the states. So, it is concentrating all its energies on building up the party. The BJP is becoming more and more aggressive in its confidence to bring the whole of the Indian states under one party rule!

What the Congress is doing?

As for the Congress party it is still in coma! There has not been one single initiative since it was routed in 2014. Not a peon has been changed at the AICC!

The faces you see at the AICC at any time of the day are not the real faces! The real faces are hidden in various government bungalows allotted to the old functionaries who also double themselves as members of the Rajya Sabha and other bodies or under some bending of the rules to occupy some piece of real estate in New Delhi’s cosy Lutyen’s bungalow zone.
What would you normally expect the defeated party heavyweights would be doing?
They would go back to their constituencies? They would be busy doing party revival work?
No, not in the Congress party!

All the heavyweights, those who enjoyed power, enjoyed ministerial positions, Cabinet rank and what have you are right in New Delhi and doing their own private work!
Yes, some of the bright lights of the party, first, are also first rate lawyers who are busy with their court cases. Some are first rate criminal lawyers? Some are also experts in various branches of law.

Also, some also act as party spokespersons!

They are all so busy that you can’t hope to encounter them at the AICC .The offices at the AICC are always empty, only the lower functionaries are hanging around. What about such leading lights like Manmohan Singh, Kapil Sibal or P.Chidambaram are doing?

Manmohan Singh, as the Prime Minister for two terms without contesting an election is now busy; it seems, with his Rajya Sabha work!

One would ordinarily expect such a leading intellectual and expert to sit at the AICC and concentrate on putting forth a working paper for others to deliberate on the ways in which the party can be brought back to some serious alternative path to power. No, it doesn’t seem to be Singh’s priority at all. Not a single word he had uttered in the last three years on the revival of the Congress party back to power.

There is not even any hint that he met Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi in this regard!

As for the lawyer-politicians, the less said the better! Leaders like Kapil Sibal and P.Chidambaram could do a much better job. In Delhi, the constituency of Sibal he could have inspired a team of loyal workers. He could have given much input in the form of alternative points of view, be it economic or education or even in secularism etc.

As for PC he could have revived the Congress, given his clout at various level in the state. The TN Congress is at the lap of the DMK! This after three years! And the new TN Congress has rank party defectors, from the very same Dravidian parties, defectors, turncoats and film actresses and what you expect in a state like TN!

So, we needn’t dwell further on the state of the Congress, it seems. The Congress party is clearly a leaking boat! The Congress party is sinking. All the seniors, PCC presidents, all respected names are deserting the party.

And the supreme irony is that no one around Sonia are leaving her to function even freely. The coterie is surrounding the party so that they can continue to enjoy the perks and privileges, whatever they are!

I was in Delhi recently for a few days and as it is my wont I was soaking myself, so to say, in the history of Delhi, more so the Mughal history. The more I read the latest books, the more I was drawing to the last days of the Mughal days. I took pity on the last Moghul, Bahadur Shah Zafar. I was suddenly, why rather rudely reminded that poor Zafar; his last days were spent in some penury.

While, I wondered, the present Congress party even in Opposition seems to enjoy a bigger treasury! There is so much unaccounted funds with the political parties! Where there is money, more so the unaccounted money, there would be party crowds, right?

That may be one reason why the politicians, defeated and others, still hover around the New Delhi scene. Back in the states, in their rural hinterlands, what work they would be inclined to do?

Judicial system overburdened

Anyway, in the forum we mentioned above where the President of India and the Chief Justice of India participated the working of our independent judiciary was also touched, though briefly. Certainly, the judicial system is over-burdened.

As discussed by a distinguished lawyer, Kaleeswaram Raj (Rethinking Judicial Reforms, 2017) fighting in the courts have become now a five star lawyers’ wars. The author refers to “Supreme Court litigation is a multi-crore affairs, very few can afford. This he says is an irony in a socialist preamble in its Constitution, the Legal aid to the poor does not enable the poor to choose the lawyer, nor the lawyer to choose the poor”. Yes, such ironies abound in the country increasingly.
Also, see what the Opposition party, namely, the Congress sis doing.

Manmohan Singh, the former Prime mMini8ster is now a member of the Rajya Sabha. It seems he busies himself with his Rajya Sabha deliberations. He, in one latest instance, it seems, urged his colleagues to given in to the passing of the GST bill, not to move any amendments. He was hailed by his colleagues that Singh is a statesman, not a politician! Fine, fine!

We thought that Singh, after bring about such a monumental defeat for the party might be turning his attention to rebuild the party, he might devote his time to this task. No, he is busy with the Rajya Sabha deliberations! Irony of ironies. This is the same statesman who the other day called the demonetisation as “organised loot, legalised plunder”. A statesman indeed! That is the plight of the Congress party in distress.

Who knows, the Congress must be praying in secret that”! God, Lord or whatever, give us show us some light for us to exit honourably!”.Given Rahul’s tantrums that send out many senior Congress men and women to leave the party, what exit route the party has to deliver itself an honourable alternative path? A day thought indeed!