That shows in the physical changes and the mental outlook of the Andhra people!

CBNAndhra Pradesh, with all our admiration for the veteran leader Mr.Chandrababu Naidu and his new team of ministers, is still the most backward state among the Southern Indian states. That shows when you drive through the state. Specially, Chittoor district is still so much a haunted geography as we find it often when we pass through that territory. Oh, what a state of poverty on the face of everyone, men and no less the children all look helpless in the face of so much adversity and helplessness. Why not any leader, from near and far who travels through these geographies talk about such neglect for so long, we often wonder.

And Chittoor, for anyone interested in the past history must know, it was here in the very spot of Chandragiri, where the last Rayar royalty signed the small document leasing out the small sea front in Fort St.George in Chennai and that by a twist of history went on to turn the very royalty to become a tenant! That tenancy document we once saw in the museum inside fortress-turned museum. In later visits the document is seen missing, perhaps they removed it to some safer place. When we read the original document our blood boiled for no other reason how land ownership and tenancy rights can be turned into you death knell!

Yes, even today, AP seems to be steeped in feudal oppression and suppression, the rural poverty seems to have got a grip over the land in spite of Mr.Chandrababu Naidu’s foresighted progressive policies.

Right now, under Naidu, AP is blazing a trail of faster development and we see the changes coming faster under the dynamic CM.’

New National Highways from Chittoor to Bangalore is underway. The roads are widened and the land acquisition is faster and villages on the middle of the roads are razed down and one hopes this is done with Naidu’s own unique leadership and a sort of come-on let us solve the problems approach! So, we see everywhere a new optimism in AP towns and rural areas. New five star hotels as in Tirupathi and we are s told ten flights a day to the temple town means  there is a rush to start new projects and also new industries.

The industries list for AP seems to be lengthening.

Naidu is a strong believer in industrialisation and that too for an agricultural state like AP new industries is the lifeline.
In AP, it seems every day is a happening day. How many high-tech conferences and AP AgTech Summits, the visit of Bill gates, an old friend of the CM (how many CMs today can claim such pedigree?) and many unheard of industry captains from South Korea, the Korea’s Kia Motors is setting up a brand new 2 billion dollar car plant, scheduled starting time is 2019. The state already has an Isuzu plant in the Sri City, near Chitoor and Nellore districts and a Hero Motorcorp plant. Naidu is a doer, let us keep in mind. He can beat any rival from other states to be beaten by his charm offensive.

AP has rich agricultural land but that contributed only 10 per cent of the State’s GDP. Naidu wants that people who now depends on agriculture, at 55 per cent of the workforce to be brought down to 40 per cent in the next 12 years. Is it a tall order? It is! But you need leaders, not film heroes or others from the saffron brigade who can easily polarise the political system, those who are really qualified not to neglect the job of administration but to concentrate on the actual job, like Naidu, in the states.

Even Leftists now have no job in actual politics.
So, we have many lessons from what Mr.Naidu is doing.
By observing what Naidu has done in his first stint in politics (when we had actual met him and had long chat) but also now by observing Naidus, selfless dedication to turn AP into a new renaissance state, as he is building a modern city in Amravati, we have to call him for his true contributions and innovations in a long list of areas.

WE have no hesitation to call Chandrababu Naidu the very new renaissance political leader of modern India!

Our media is handicapped by several limitations. So our media is not ready to distinguish between the true leaders and the fake ones. See what has happened to the neighbouring Tamil Nadu. Truly Dark Age had set in the state. So much high corruption, court indictments and yet we see the film industry, as concentrated in AP as in TN. Yet, people in AP voted for true leaders.
This is political renaissance!

Let the citizens of the country across the states realise what is happening in AP under Naidu.

Right now 187 large and mega industries have gone into production, investing Rs.35,256 crores and creating employment  for nearly one lakh people, this in the last three years!

In mobile phones production, one million-phones-a year is done in Tirupati’s Sri Venkateswara Mobile and Electronics hub. Foxcon, the Taiwanese giant, already makes over 2 million phones a year! Foxconn alones employees 15,000 women at its plants.

Naidu is also aiming into the next generation techs like AI. Thomson Reuters teams up with the local universities.

These are the big days for the Andhra people. They can look for a new era of development and prosperity.

A Great Shame!
And see who are all claiming victory?
The most revered former Prime Minister!
All the loud-mouthed Congress spokesmen!
And lo! All the publically perceived corrupt faces!
Yes, this is India where the judicial system looks a laughing stock!

2gWe don’t know how to make sense of the 2-G verdict. Fortunately, this is also said by senior CBI officials and other high-ranking bureaucrats. Why, even some ex-judges of the apex court are also embarrassed to say the same.

What has happened to our judicial system, the administration of law and justice?

From now onwards, the public, the citizens are likely to become more sceptical about our politicians and those who have turned politics into a big business opportunity. Or, turn to politics to practice their black magic, be it religion or some other route to grab power for whatever purposes.

It is a sad day indeed for all those who had learnt to take politics seriously. At least the most some of our senior politicians can do is to volunteer to stay away from continuing to practice politics with all its sins and further to muddy the waters!

In an unprecedented way the Special Court  that sat patiently, as presiding judge himself wrote in his 1,000 page judgement that he sat religiously all these 8 and odd years, from 10 AMN to 6 PM and listened to what the government agencies and their low-level official  said and did and what he saw so painfully and yet he had to sit helplessly that none of the officials, the CBI and ED men and the prosecution officials was  to sign papers with no interest and  “how  the UPA’s chaotic functioning, lack of clarity on policy issues and bureaucrat is running riot, contributing to the public perception of wilful  subversion of procedure and monumental scam “as the Times of India editorial puts it.

In fact the TOI is much more scathing and says many things.
One thing the public refuses to believe in the many claims made by the chief actors.

Manmohan Singh should not have rushed to claim any immunity from the judgement. At least he should spare the country any more such claims; he should retire from public life more gracefully.
Also, there are many other issues. Sonia Gandhi can’t remain silent and she should equally blame herself for her choice of the PM candidate.

The two secretaries of the PM also equally share blame for misleading him. But then why you are there to be so misled?
And of course the charges of crony capitalism?

This is a reflection of the way our judicial system functions and everyone responsible for such a state of affairs have to share the blame. The BJP government too can’t run away. You have been there for the past three and half years in power?

Didn’t you know you have a role in this decline of the system?
What about the Supreme Court’s cancellation of the 122 licences?
We Indians must feel ashamed of ourselves.

We go all the way to London to prosecute a lonely wrong-doer, supposed to be, namely Mr.Vijay Mallaya but here you have whole lot of offenders, in the public eye, justice seems to have derailed. How can you wash off your hands, the Law Minister, why even the PMO level to the blames rests firmly, both on moral and administrative grounds?

After Bofors, another scandal of monumental dimensions? Yes, it looks so unfortunately. It will be another phase of agony, we are yet to witness in the coming years.

So, there is no respite for the common man and the poor and the weaker sections to seek justice or the confidence from onwards the system will deliver timely justice without any regard for status or rights.

Who can restore confidence in our judicial system?

This is a question that would agitate the minds of every citizen for long, very long indeed!

A Play Acting?

Yes, the whole affair looked like a less than serious politics. All the actors in this are well-rehearsed and well-prepared for the day!

RahulAlso, they all looked very innocent (or controlled their own ability to look artificially serious!) and yet very sensitive to the subject of effecting a political succession in an open society and the largest democracy in the world.

There were no discussions whatever, no reports forthcoming about the whole ceremony and no news channels or newspapers carried any reports. May be they were not allowed to broadcast the actors in the play.

Is this, the way a national party of the history and tradition of the Indian National Congress should deliberate such a critical decision   were shown in a poor light.

For all practical purposes, the senior leaders around Sonia Gandhi surrendered themselves, their own self-worth to the very improper and even immoral autocratic decisions of the party leader.

If Indira Gandhi, the previous day could get only scant respect and attention from the nation, then, please at least for a moment ponder over our own fate if we surrender our own moral commitments and own credibility to remain dumb when duty called for some moral reflections!
The day before, November 19, is a still sadder day. It was the centenary of Indira Gandhi’s birth.

What a fall! There were no sign of any Congress leaders or Congress workers around the Samadhi. Only three leaders I could spot. Who are they? Who else? Rahul Gandhi and Pranab Mukerjee and Manmohan Singh! What a tragedy?

Indians haven’t matured; we remain immature and also very mean-minded. No one from the ruling party, the BJP or the government to pay homage to the former Prime Minister. Sonia Gandhi was elsewhere at her former residence 1, Safdar Jung Road.

This is what we choose remember on the death of a Prime Minister, though flawed in many ways, yet led the government with some energy.

No one cares to remember this is what retribution that would come their way too once gone from power. Anyway, another less than serious act was the ward of Indira Gandhi memorial award. Who gave and who got it?

Who else, again?

Pranab gave it to Manmohan Singh!

So, these worthies imagine they represent the country! Unfortunately for them, they don’t count in the eyes of the average Congressman or woman.

The event of the coronation of Rahul Gandhi evoked much mirth and a great of embarrassment.

The familiar faces, the more loquacious ones, the high profile and smug characters, the senior leaders, the ones whom we often see on the TV screens, the spokespersons too, were conveniently absented themselves. Even the ones whom we see on such occasions were not seen. Even the TV shots showed only the one side, the ones facing the cameras were just  the props, as they are, besides Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were flanked by Manmohan Singh on the one side and the other side is occupied by A.K.Anthony. There was of course Mallikarjun Kharge and the others were back to the cameras. Karan Singh, Sheila Dixit, even Ghulam Nabi Azad one could identify. The proceedings were not reported or shown.

So, what happened? Rahul Gandhi was seen as shy and a bit uncomfortable in the chair. But otherwise, everyone seemed to have reconciled to his elevation. The election of the Party President was rather, it seemed, dictated by the compulsions of the Election Commission diktat.

The election process has to be completed by the end of December. So, the Party had to adhere to some date. It looked the Party was reconciled to announce the name of the next President well-before the  results of the Gujarat Assembly came in.

There were many explanations for the date. It was said that even if the Assembly results went against the Congress party, it was welcome, it was said. Why? Nobody explained and nobody cared to ask even.

Cynicism? Or, what else? Why this “don’t care” attitude? What else explains this tame conduct of such a momentous decision?

Otherwise, the elevation of what  is described as the Coronation, was, in fact, in tune with the nonchalant mood outside. The Bharatiya Janata Party seemed to have had a field day, for the party only called Rahul Gandhi either as Yuvaraj or the other description stuck in the popular mind. Otherwise, what the BJP was using in its election ads was considered a bit too much in the popular imagination. Outside, there were no crowds or cheering, also not many to play the role of spokes persons. Ghulam Nabi Azad, a familiar face was missing. It looked conspicuous. Tiwari, Anand Sharma or the loquacious P.Chidambaram was away. Even the perennial Surjewala was weak in defence.
It looked that everyone seemed a bit shy and avoided the TV cameras. Only the old face, Ambika Soni casually defended   the choice.

The Congress Party could not be in a more weaker moment when it was almost forced to make a hasty announcement when it came out with the long-delayed choice of the reluctant crown prince charming to the chair adorned by his mother, Sonia Gandhi.
Who doesn’t know that the Party is in its lowest ebb?
Everyone present in the room of the Sonia Gandhi residence was in an unenviable situation.

Rahul Gandhi was heavily promoted all these years and months by all sorts of people. Even Sam Pitroda, once known as a technocrat went over to Gujarat to campaign in the election there along with Rahul Gandhi.

I met Mr.A.K.Anthony many months ago at his Krishna Menon Road residence when he was, it was said, doing his usual assignment of preparing Antony report for the defeat of the party in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Only then I found out that this, his report, was a patch-up work.
He said honestly that he was given names to whom only he spoke and prepared his report.

This was the familiar, of course unfamiliar to outsiders, even the innocent and believing vast mass of cadre who took Sonia Gandhi seriously and followed her all these years.

I once wanted to meet Rahul Gandhi and also Sonia Gandhi. Only then I realised there is a criminal coterie around her. May be around Rahul Gandhi too, I didn’t know then.

Now, I have revised my views and opinions. Both the mother and the son have their own rings of advisers, may be well-wishers but then there are many other shadowy players whose names I don’t want to take here. These names were supplied to me later by others, inside the AICC and outside in various roles.

The AICC, the headquarters of the party must have been the normal official location for such high deliberations of the party must have been the place. But only if you have had visited the place then only you will know that it is largely deserted, none sits there for long and it is usually a place for the innocents who visit Delhi for seeking some favours. I have many stories to tell about these innocent souls!

Now, of course, there are too many armed sentries and too many SPGs around! The very air around the Congress worthies is very charged, very frightening.

How do you build the Congress party with such thin public fervour?

What ideology or what ideals are now drawing people to the party?
Only some very power-hungry, ambitious and very selfish groups abound. A sadly day indeed!

Let us at least recall the great names, the great sacrifices of those souls that made Indian freedom struggle so glorious. Let us resolve to transform our energies to reshape and redraw our destinies towards a world in which India could lead with the same old glory as shown to us by the innumerable leaders.

But lately, Sonia Gandhi’s decisions are neglected. Recently, the Bihar PCC chief was abruptly removed by Sonia. But 26 of the 27 MLAS revolted and dared to question Sonia’s wisdom. But let us admit that Sonia with all her limitations tried and succeeded to live like a dictator for life!

What is the Indian psychology to accept Sonia and obey her as if she was another Annie Besant or another Sister Nivedita.
Indians have their own low self-esteem? Or, what else? What is the quality of Indian sense of their own worth?

It is time India retrospects!

But the AICC is there to manage the funds and activities and also the secret agenda. The secret Agenda is to keep the President and her coteries ever in power.

The stakes are high of course. I also met the venerable Motilal Vohra and had an inkling of how real Politik worked. The point is there is an oligarchy of sorts and also a hierarchy of the party power structure.

There is no ideology or idealism of any sort in  the men and women around. It is power, funds and  the  power-grab seems to be unabashed and in a ruthless and blatant manner!

So, we have to wait and watch and draw our own conclusion about the future of the Indian National Congress. The next day the editorials in the major newspapers were all unanimous to reflect on the likely future scenario. All seem to say that the young man, Rahul is not a Prime Ministerial material, now or in the near future. He can’t be pitted against the incumbent Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi.

So, much would upon how Mr.Gandhi would perform and measure up to the many challenges, he is not able to even select PCC chiefs, not able to talk some sensible things about his own vision for the country etc.

Today, we have an altogether new generation of young voters, very  active in the social media space and also very critical of many of the serious issues, corruption-free and also very committed to certain basic values and goals.

How to forge Opposition unity, how to evolve a cohesive picture of a vibrant democracy and stand up to challenges from within and without.

Only time can tell. Sonia Gandhi has to be reappraised  by the Indian intelligentsia and also phantom figures in the party to play the role of proxy Prime Ministers.

Sonia Gandhi’s experiment, if you can so call it, undermined India’s natural evolution as a leader of the Third World. Only a duly and democratically elected Prime Minister can play an active and committed role. Mr.Narendra Modi himself is a shining example .So, as a long-time committed Congress man I am duty bound to warn those who are waiting on the sidelines to play such a role again. Please be forewarned. Desist from such  ambitions. India has the potential to play world-leading roles. So, I request genuine Congress men and women to think radically and save the party and thereby the country.

We need an honest self-appraisal of every genuine Congress worker before we come to join in this self-appraisal. We, Indians, shouldn’t fail in overcoming this moment of downfall for the Grand Old party.

Of the World Bank’s ‘ease of doing business’!
This is out of 190 countries!
Rahul Gandhi’s immaturity, his simplistic remarks harming the interests of the people as well his own party’s prospects!

India is ranked by the World Bank at 50 out of 190 countries in the “ease of doing business index!

It is a great milestone of the Narendra Modi government’s achievements in transforming the Indian   economy. From one of time-tested slow moving, a bureaucratic laggard of sorts in many areas of governance so far.

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

Now, under Modi we see lot of energy and dynamism  in governance. It is a testament of the tireless efforts of the Prime Minister that had paid off. The PM’s single-handedly driven the momentum of the collective efforts of some of his colleagues of proven competence, the economy to reach this level transparency and efficiency. Let us openly acknowledge the glory the PM had brought home to the economic sector by all whomsoever, belong to whatever be the party to which we may belong.

From the Congress ranks we openly say so in spite of the very poor response from the higher reaches of the Congress hierarchy. The Congress hierarchy today is composed of some Delhi-based seniors who are rich and also earn high incomes from legal and other professions, some of the practising lawyers are also, ironically, practising Congress politicians. Congress politics helps for networking and these are also high net worth individuals!

Funds are flush and now, already politics, democratic politics at that, is becoming a big money game. Let us only hope the latest moves by the Apex Court to bring to book erring, tainted   criminal  politicians and ban them from political activity forever makes Indian democracy more vibrant.

Yes, we have to go a long way yet, we have to aim for the number 50 ranking and this, given the current mindset of the Central government that Indian will soon become a more dynamic economic engine and that would only gladden the hearts of every Indian. Some States like AP have done much to pull the economy from slumber and let us hope this moment of a milestone might trigger the “animal spirits” as Lord Keynes famously said to inject new energies!

And we, Indians, can’t be but be also alert to the developments in the outside the world.

See China after its just concluded 19th party Congress. Mr.XI, their President got a second term and also he got an endorsement from the party to assume more powers and he is designated as the second Mao Zedung! And still more powers, both political and military powers. Xi’s immediate predecessors, still around, had more experience and also scandal-free and also mature enough to give Xi the necessary political space so that XI’s truly gifted talents could further, let us hope ,flower to take China to greater glory. China doesn’t hide its ambitions. Xi, in fact, from the Indian point of view could pose some challenges too! On our border disputes and also in threatening to divert the Brahmaputra River waters. Of course, it is all in the future but in the South East Asian countries China would be seen further and further for more unfriendly acts.

While India as one of the leading powers and also a robust democracy (let us hope) has to both consolidate our position as an economic and a political power of sorts.

Seen in this broad light, how we can take the criticism of  Modi’s government’s achievements in boosting our ranking.
How immature and even silly on the part of Rahul Gandhi and his rather reluctant supporters like the spokesmen and others to come to defend Rahul’s such an irresponsible remarks.

How can you treat the World Bank as a foreign power and a foreign entity. India is a much rated and much respected and much cared for country.

We have utilised World Bank funds for a variety of projects and thus benefitted much.

Let us dismiss Rahul’s pranks. But how can such leaders like Dr.Manmohan Singh ,a much respected and rated economist can remain silent while he is often propped up a  as prop to the fumbling immature Rahul by his side always as a ceremonial prop!

Are, we Indians, not insulting our own self-image by tolerating such non-sensual remarks by a leader of a major party like the Congress?

Please let all our countrymen ponder over such non-serious politics.

But the much more serious issue here is to take our economy forward. Make India an economic power of sorts. Make Indian manufacturing, our various infrastructure, from railways to civil aviation to roads and other sectors in which we are lagging behind China, we are way back, backward when you compare developments  in China. China ‘s airports are all of giant sizes, they would last for another hundred years. So too the running of big cities like Shanghai. We  were amazed at the speed with which economic  development in China is taking place.

Of course, India has some strength, in the social aspects, we are an open society but then what does this means for an average citizen here?

Corruption is now almost unchecked. China is fighting corruption that is large scale corruption with vigour.Indians must read more about what China is doing.We need some democratic institutions like LokPal and Lok Ayukta urgently.

Also, we need more reforms like judicial independence ,press freedom and a great sense of nationalism and patriotism etc.
But then the outside world must respect us. This will come only when we behave as a responsible nation, our values, culture, sense of freedom etc are respected by the West.

These are important and also must be made known. We saw in China where when it comes to freedoms, openness, maccess to liberal knowledge, the state of libraries, bookshops and some other areas, there is still much primitiveness, we would say.
But we can’t provoke China, China is a very sensitive nation, a sensitive people.

But then in  democracy like India, we don’t have responsible and mature Opposition leaders.

Parties like the Congress must not resort to dynastic politics  and with immature leadership.

People would see through this political games, once the political cleaning like the one now proposed by the Supreme Court by punishing the 1581 political figures, ministers, MPs, MLAs and others are punished and banished  from active political participation.

A strong economy, a reformed political culture is the real foundations of a great country  in world  caught in conflicting ideological forces.

We support Prime Minister Modi’s approach
Finance ministers don’t make for economic experts!

modiYaswant Sinha is a senior BJP leader who was once the Finance minister in the Vajpayee government. Now, his family members, many, son a minister, his family members, one an ambassador and another a direct in a high profile IT company and others are all in high positions. In normal times he should not have any grievances at the government. Sinha, the senior, had also been given some high profile assignments as in J&K.

And yet, he had come out with a savage attack on Modi’s economic policies pointing out at the slowdown in the Indian economy. Fine. But then he had taken some personal shots and that had irritated the government. Ironically, this has come to the help of the Congress party from which Mr.P.Chidambaram had come out in support of Mr.Sinha.

Now, Arun Jaitley, naturally had responded with some sharp comments. The point here is that three finance ministers, two former ones, Jaitley the incumbent one are calling names. This is no use.

Let us remember the three ones are not economic experts, one, why the two are lawyers, the third, Mr.Sinha, a former bureaucrat.

Why we say this is that economics is a serious science and expertise in the science doesn’t come easy.

Unfortunately or fortunately, there are too many economists in India and most of them are in academics or in government service.
I studied economics when Dr.Manmohan Singh was a PhD scholar at Nuffield College in the early Sixties.

Dr.Singh’s career is unique. He was government servant and also became the Prime Minister. I think there is unity of view that he was a brilliant economist in government but a political disaster as a politician. Under him we saw unprecedented corruption in government and this decimated the Congress party in 2014.

Now, I studied economics under Sir Roy Harrod who was an associate  of the great Lord Keynes(John Maynard Keynes)and also J.R.Hicks who won the Nobel for economics. But I never became a typical student of economics. I turned to politics at the early age and I have no regrets. I contested for the Madras Legislative Council in 1968, defeated the DMK founder, C.N.Annadurai’s candidate as an Independent. Besides being a colleague of “Anna”, I became closer to Kamaraj. The rest, as they say, is history!

Here is how I see the Indian economy. Economic growth right now is in a slow mode. May be. But India has now become and seen as the fastest growing economy in the world.

Simply because there is a current hiccup doesn’t mean Indian economy is going down. This is where I like to differ from former finance ministers. They seem to want to score points and even create a scare of sorts.

This is simply irresponsible. They should debate issues inside Parliament and try to build public opinion. Now, they want media publicity, in my opinion.

Mr.Modi had done the impossible. He had defeated the Congress and got an absolute majority and in power.

He had in fact, in my opinion, transformed the economy. See the sort of changes in the very many sectors. As for the economic growth, there is every chance the economic growth would pick up seed and momentum once the global scenario changes and some stability come to the world scene.
One can cite the great many structural changes that had been effected in the last three years.

Also, not only in the economic sphere but also in the social and even in the political sphere.

The corruption scare is laid down, the process of poll funding is getting transparent and also the very society and the various classes, upper, middle and the working classes have their outlets to criticise and let out steam, so to say.

Japan, China and even the USA have come in to give us the perspective and momentum, in my opinion.

Some of Modi’s Ministers are outstanding, we can say openly. Chinese economy is now giving competition to India in many areas of economic development, from infrastructure to heavy industry. There is the capitalist mode of development where we have to encourage private sector investments in a big way. We have to motivate and mobilise the big industries, both indigenous as well as foreign companies to come and invest. The GE investment in loco-making is good news.

The bullet train technology has the potential to revolutionise rail technology.
The competition is severe here. So too civil aviation and also telecom. We have to take a broad view and also an open-minded view.
Our exports too need much acceleration. Private industry captains need to be interacted with.
So, let us create a climate of optimism and also a confidence in the government.
We are from the Congress stable! Yet, how can we deny the reality.
There is an upsurge in the public perceptions, society seems optimistic and people of India seem to be ready and alert to integrate with the outside world.
We learn as we go. The NITI Ayog is reformed and a new economic Advisory Council is constituted.
In agriculture too new ideas are added and we on our part would be contributing new ideas. How for instance, Netherlands, is contributing to the new agri researches in seeds and also in the cultivation and exports of agriculture products and foods. Netherlands is the world’s second largest agri exporter, next to the USA. How the one university there has created a Food Valley, as on par with a Silicon Valley in the USA. These news and agri research developments, we would be bringing to the attention of the government.
In national building, how to combat many of the problems like hunger, abolition of poverty and creating jobs in agriculture, there are so many opportunities.
Modi’s many social reform missions are timely.
People are enthused and that is what matters. After all economic growth must give many of the services Modi regime had launched.
Economics, let us not forget, is to give largest happiness to the largest number of people. In this mission Modi had succeeded beyond any doubt.
So, everyone who is competent and committed can contribute to the growth of the economy.
Yes, we can differ from the government policies but the criticism must be constructive not negative.
And let us remember we have to do things in a spirit of collective endeavour. Narrow partisan views in such a subject like economic growth won’t take us any far.
Let us also remember economic growth is always in single digit only for most of the history. There are no magic wands to accelerate the economic faster. However great an economic expert is he or she can only stimulate the economy only within sharp limits.
Yet, somehow, we have made economic science a mystery science. In the earlier times, economics was used to create awareness of, say, over population (Ricardo) or creation of wealth (Adam Smith) or even government intervention in times of economic crisis(Lord Keynes).Even later, economists like John Galbraith and even Schumacher(Small is Beautiful)made economic to serve the larger public interest.
Only afterwards economics as a science or art, has become an esoteric subject, only legible to fellow practioners of this mysterious world.
Now, as far as India is concerned here economists got jobs first in government or in universities.
So too much theoretical solutions (like for reducing poverty, to accelerating growth) have become fashionable.
But economics is all about people’s happiness and people’s fulfilling their needs, their satisfaction, and their happiness. In this sense, we have to see economics and there is a limit to pure economic reasoning. After all, we should remember that originally economics was called political economy.
Please recall the famous words of Lord Keynes. He said that any politician searching for some light would be seen as a slave of some defunct economist they might have learnt in their student days! The point is that anyone in power or authority must be willing to learn new ideas and new policies from experts. That is the purpose of a Niti Ayog or the Economic Advisory Council.
Please remember economics is a serious science and it is a complex issue to make economic policy that has elements of politics and also social and even ethical questions like equity and justice. So, please don’t expose oneself and lose credibility!