Yes,all serious writings can be only autobiographical. Then,all autobiographies don’t attain the status of great literature. To reach such a status,the mind has to evolve to new dimensions of self-discovery. That has been my experience so far.  Writing an autobiography or essaying into one’s own thinking and action has been the perennial human quest down the ages. It has always been a quest for self questioning, self-discovery and a more historically tested path of reason,science and constitutional governance of nations and international community. Our education,learning and the reading of the classics and the drawing of lessons are all part of finding our way in the world,the world of ideas and the world of action. This has been my way of doing things all through my life.

I have been writing my autobiographical pieces off and on. Edward Gibbon,the great historian of the “Decline and Fall of Roman Empire”,we learn, wrote some six autobiographies. He kept a journal from 1761 to 1763 and wrote on diverse titles and these give all we know about his great literary fame and immortality in the world of letters. There are others, historians, moralists and philosophers who from the ancient times to the present day and everyone of them,in my view, qualify themselves to  great autobiographists.

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This photo was taken at Mahaballipuram, outside Chennai at the Pallava Rock Temples site. Mulk Raj Anand – author of classics like “Untouchable” and “Coolie” – was a long time friend and mentor of V.Isvarmurti. He came to Chennai to release a book authored by Isvarmurti titled ” C.N Vasudevan – Tamil Dancer and Tagore” published by Vikas New Delhi


Pandit Nehru was the Chancellor of Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan. V.Isvarmurti was at Santiniketan between 1955-59. Pandit Nehru would visit every year and stay at Santineketan for few days each time.


This photo was taken in front of the All India Congree Committe office at 7, Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi in 1967. Isvarmurti was assigned the task of writing the congress party pamphlets for the Congress Party during the General Elections in 1967. During this time Atulya Ghosh was the Congress Party treasurer and a powerful politician. K. Kamaraj was the President.


M.G R (M. G Ramachandran) was at his peak fim career in the year 1972. Isvarmurti’s friendship started from this time onwards. It continued when MGR rose to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 10 years. This photo taken in New Delhi where Isvarmurti met him.