Governance issues will prove the real challenge!
As we write the political atmosphere is not yet settled down!
Cabinet Ministers face multiple challenges!
Home, Defence and Health Ministers already face troubles!
Euphoria of massive victory won’t last long!
After slogans and cheering would come!
The test of governance and many internal and external challenges!

Yes, the newly elected Modi government is in power and in absolute command of the economy and politics. The new challenges won’t be easy to confront!
The ruling dispensation must carry all sections of people and opinions!

There are still many undercurrents of unsettled feelings of the bitter fight and exchange of not so fine words and courtesies. One has to feel settled in one’s job and must feel it is time to do something positive and big. This feeling is not there.

Given the raw emotions and why, the raw nerves touched by the exchange of some unfriendly words and name-callings, it is still early days to talk of the big picture and the fundamental issues of economic and political reforms.
Political reforms? Yes, it is on the basis of very differing political ideologies, in the case of the BJP, it is Hindutva ideology and in the case of the Congress, almost no ideologies whatever but only personal attacks by Mr.Gandhi, Rafael and corruption and then the duo going on to call names, sometimes very uncivil on both the sides.

At the last phase of the campaign it looked the PM went on to point out the air force attack inside Pakistan, and Pulwama and Balakot seemed to have turned the tide in favour of the BJP and the extreme statements seemed clearly a gross polarisation of the voting patterns.

After the high pitch it was downhill for the Congress party and results are before us to ponder over. Now, after the formation of the government is the BJP ready to implement its many promises. Some very grand and tantalising!

Before the citizens could figure out what the pattern of new promises would get the priorities, the PM in his first NITI AYOG meeting which, incidentally was not attended by three CMs, the PM promised to run the Indian economy into a 5-trillion economy by 2024!

How the PM could do it?

Not by any magic wand but by some hard thinking. By the appreciation or depreciation of the dollar this goal can be achieved?
It looks like that. So simple and so quickly. The world economy is also undergoing some unpredictable transformation, thanks to Donald Trump who has his own quick-fix solutions and actions, often unpredictable!

Even before the words of wisdom (or bravado?) could settled down many other issues of great concern gripped the country. Comes the Bihar health tragedy that saw the death of more than one hundred poor children. So, comes the latest news about the Pakistani attack on the very same Pulwama and the killing of a major and two soldiers!

What is this?

Modi’s new Cabinet has all the party’s major faces but does the portfolios show any competence and talent or expertise to tackle the more challenge issues. Health, defence and even such portfolios like agriculture which saw a major change of face and we don’t yet know the incumbent’s current
status. Agriculture or for that matter other important portfolios call for much talent and expertise. Does the new government care for talents and expertise?

We need to ask this question and see how the more complex issues like agri insurance and other related agro issues are likely to be taken up and implemented Yes, the election promises are too many!

Ensuring a universal basic income is there. Doubling of farm incomes is another. Write-off farm loans are one more assurance Of course, linking the Ganga and other rivers is still on paper. Of course we can’t find fault if some are left out owing to man y contingencies. But tackling corruption would be a major challenge. Pointing out the need to create institutions and allowing them to flower without political hindrances, Lok Pal and LOK Ayuktha would surely be a major confidence booster. Let us see.

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