Too many government schemes, too many promises!
Also, the political parties are mobilising them to march to Delhi or Mumbai demanding too many redressed of their grievances!

modi-farmersThe PM-Kisan Scheme is the latest to catch the public attention! The Central government is to pay Rs.2, 000 out of Rs.6, 000 as minimum
income payment after the scheme’s formal launch by the Prime  Minister! The PM    as per the news must have started paying the first installment of Rs.2, 000 from February 24 at a high profile launch of the scheme.  The second  installment is supposed  to be paid, the same this time would be the PM  Samman Nidhi scheme, obvious, on the eve of the next general elections, the rural voters, it is believed, would be  cheered up and likely to vote for the  BJP.  The scheme and the second installment promise are all obviously high stake gambles and would likely turn out to be a big winner for the ruling party. Who knows?

It looks this time, the general elections itself seems to be a leap in the dark! Even if the PM or his lieutenant Amit Shah might be hoping for a second term, the people might have different ideas.  The 2014 w elections gave a rude shock to the Congress and many of its allies. In TN both the parties were wiped out and the AIADMK came back with a vengeance.

Elections in India is still a gamble. Voters, why even the parties don’t have any principles whatever, see how the DMK and the AIADMK are now ganging up. They were seen hugely happy faces when they rushed to sign the pacts, all they, the Dravidian parties and the Congress and the BJP were seen relieved to get a pact signed and they signed with a huge sense of relief, as if they had already crossed all the hurdles and almost they thought they had secured the number of seats they had a gamble at!

How does the voters think this time?
What about the much-talked subjects like jobs, rural distress and the many other disappointments like the Pak behaviour and when the whole
country caught in an unexpected mourning and the very nation is distracted by so many issues.

It looks the parties too might not care for any election propagandas; no manifestors make a sense when the country’s attention is caught in such a brutal behaviour by our neighbour.

So, this time, the political mood in the country is nor normal and let us guess even the usual PM’s high profile attacks on the rival
parties and also the high decibel orations might not make a predictable  voter sentiments.

Even the otherwise much noisy voter’s opinion survey look suddenly irrelevant and no one need to be teaching the voters how to vote.
The election outcome itself might be very unpredictable.

There is many speculative calculations as to how much money to how many farmers in how many states this would be done and the much feared leakages, a great folly of many of the farmer’s schemes, would take place and successfully plugged are all questions nobody has asked. 5 million farmers in the delta bases.50 lakh farmers in the first instalment disbursal and many of the detailed work seem to have been done. However, doubts persist.

Who are the specified agencies would be involved in this task?
Where is the Niti Aayog in this exercise?
What the economic advisers are doing?

Where is in this entire heavy-duty task the agriculture ministry or the high profile officials?

The very weakness of the agriculture ministry, the ministers seem to be adopting an inexcusable silence!

This is only one side of the whole business. There are other farmers-related schemes like the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) in compensating farmers in the drought hit horticulture crops, for instance?

The farmers of Jalna in Maharashtra in planting pomegranate, mango and sweet lime and heavily lost and they about 140 farmers, for
example are left high and ry. The insurance schemes, the crop protection scheme in particular has come up for criticism. The SBI
branch in Bandapur and the insurance company in particular, IFFC Tokio all held responsible in not keeping their duties!

We don’t like to narrate the story here but it is typical of the rural farmers’s scenario everywhere. No one official takes responsibility; the SBI has not answer, nor the IFFC Tokio insurance company which doesnt have any office in the district!

This is one more similar story, here the farmers, name given says:@I get the suicidal instinct!

The whole point is that the over-all governance of the whole exercise lacks any rational over-all governance. Now, it is election time and very likely many other things might go away! In the near term many things might go without any   real solutions!

Farmers must face many new uncertainties. The weather, drought and the nature’s furies. Agriculture suffers many handicaps. It is too much for any government, more so like Modi’s to get things let loose their ways.

Agriculture doesn’t get top priority when it comes to media exposure. No mainstream newspapers or TV channels have any commitment for such priority sectors like agri sector or rural sector.

So, in this election too funds might flow, transparent under the name of many schemes to rural voters, farmers in particular, in states like TN, funds are openly distributed for voters!

Elections in a democracy like where poor sections get once a while money for votes, it is anybody’s guess how the elections results turn out.

Let us hope that the public perception judges the outcome rightly!

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