This is the message from the new Abu Dhabi museum!
Look at Abu Dhabi universal new museum! There are lessons for India here!

MuseumWhat makes nations big and small? Not their geography or the population or its military power, it is a new set of universal values, new set of public conduct and also the public policy likely to elevate a nation on the international stage. Here are two examples of, what nations like Qatar and Abu Dhabi have done in recent times to elevate themselves to draw attention to what they can do for the benefit of the globe; in terms of mankind’s new aspirations and new standards of public conduct in the international arena. This is a model for small nations for what they can contribute to the universal appreciation of human values!

Indian obsession with America! This must end! It is time India learns to think differently and also look at other countries to learn to become globally relevant! Yet, Indians face discrimination in admissions to the US best universities! Indian citizens must wake up! They should learn to look at the world in a very different light!

Is America a global power? Asks a recent editorial in The Economist (November 11th-17th, 2017).Yes, America is a global power in the sense of its physical, material and military power. But says the editorial that America doesn’t champion universal values like democracy, human rights etc. After the Trump’s 12 day South Asia visit, the US harped on the theme of America first; this means in trade matters America puts its narrow national goal at the expense of any broader international good for all the nations.

Now comes the news that as for Indians, we are still the most obsessed lovers of everything American, including the university education there. As per a survey conducted by the Institute of International Education, Indians are prevented to compete on equal basis and that some extra scores in SAT are required from Indian students. This is practiced by even such prestigious universities like Harvard. As per statistics, China and South Korea have more students in the USA than India!

Yet, we see a certain perversity of mind, sorry to say so, by the Indian dominant classes, the big Indian corporates, the Tatas and Mahindras and Mittals and by the well-off Indians there to endow huge funds for research in managements and even to the study of languages.

We are sorry to say that while Indian universities starve for funds, we Indians go all the way to endow chairs in the USA universities. Why not endow such chairs in India and ask these universities to send their faculty for fixed periods? This will ensure more Indian students have access to the best minds to learn and nurture skills. Surely, this is a thought that must engage the Indian leadership. Also, India, while being the world’s largest democracy must emulate the histories of other mature democracies. The House of Commons is no more what it was once. So too the American Senators and Congressmen.
They are seen falling in personal conducts, British MPs charged with sexual misconduct and resign, American high officials alleged to have engaged with Russian officials and they interfere with American elections!

As for other big nations, China and Russia, we see many deficiences. As for democracy and democratic values, we at home must strive to set better standards. You become a global power, no more by military and other oppressive practices. But you win universal acclaim and appreciation by practicing what the world over admires: respect for human rights, observing the standards of international laws, be active at the UN so that you are seen as a civilized nation. Preserve culture, foster culture and also practice the highest standards on the international stage. Small nations, such as Qatar and Abu Dhabi have now drawn admiration from the entire world over by running the world’s most independent TV channel, Al Jazeera and Abu Dhabi, running a culture museum.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is seen as a bastion against Islamic extremism and Iran. With this current priority, the LAD, is seen as the first universal museum to be built in the 21st century. This is the way for small nations but with big enough in resources and heart and mind!

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