Yes, they are expelling thousands out of jobs
IT biggies gone underground! Why IT leaders remain tongue-tied?

chairmanThere are reports almost daily that hundreds and thousands of mid-career IT professionals with families and school-going children, loans on housing to repay etc. are asked on a daily basis, as soon as they enter their offices in the morning, they are called in and asked to sign a resignation letter and quit the job at once!

What sort of compassionate capitalism men like Narayana Murthy who had cultivated an iconic public face cultivated for him are talking about? What are the opinion-makers, columnists and others in the policy making business doing?

No one, we don’t want to utter names and create controversy for controversy sake, is coming out and create public confidence in such a basic industry like the IT. What are the sorts of public opinion we help to build and enlighten the people? So, IT is another illusion or what future likes ahead?

They made fat profits, built large structures and let us hope common sense says that many of this dream structures don’t become ghost structures sooner than later! Certainly, responsible people, be they political leaders or IT biggies soon collect themselves at the high table and come out with some public statement reassuring others at least in the jobs right now and let us create a confidence in our own society and turn things around so that  we have a sort of public policy in place. Surely, the public anxiety and why even anger, as we talk too many in the jobs, don’t lead to some untoward explosions.

The IT companies, the big among them have a great moral duty and moral commitment to create a contingency fund, call it by any name you like, like the Corporate Social Responsibility, and work out a policy of rehabilitating those who are very much affected by rude expulsions!
This duty is cast on firms like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and other larger entities. It was moved when Mr.Anand Mahindra, the head of the Mahindra Tech, publicly came along and expressed an open apology on the TV screens where the first news of such great distress was flashed across the country. He is truly a great gentleman who had the moral gusts to appear before the people. We salute him.

Now, the curse of the new techs, yes, we have to call it like that only, the new techs like AI and automation and others are surely upon us and no one cries over them. But we need to re-skill the talents available and why not the government and the industry leaders take the initiative to revamp the curriculum in the IITs and engineering colleges to the level of the new requirements?

Please do this at once and let us not wait for the government in a sort of slumber, see how the HRD is coping with the many current issues in education, both the higher and the lower ends.

Who says education is a soft option. Not anymore now, please understand. As our motto we once again repeat: education is a public cause, not a private profit! Unfortunately, it is right now. It can’t remain so for long!

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