Modi government at the moment, after the one month period of demonetisation drive, hasn’t come out of the words, so to say. In fact, the situation is becoming more and more complex and “no solution in sight”@ to quote the veteran BJP ally Mr.Chandrababu Naidu.

andhra-sep14-1_647_090415121746Mr.Naidu is more wiser and pragmatic when it comes to finding solutions to many other issues, as the AP CM had narrated, the cyclone in Vishakapatnam and the inner party clash within TDP in 1995 and other types of challenges he had faced. And rightly Mr.Naidu has observed that the infrastructure is not in place to carry out the massive cashless conversion of the economy. May be the one right thing Mr.Modi did was to constitute a panel headed by Mr.Naidu to come out with some immediate solutions.

Let us all hope that the panel lives up to the demands of the situation.
The point here is this is not the time to indulge in politics and that too in cheap politics, as indulged by Mr.Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress must be wiser by rising up to the occasion and had co-operated with the government once the demonetisation was announced.

This is a massive operation. The common man would have surely welcomed this move, to fight the corruption and do away with the huge black money that had almost eroded the faith of the people in the working of the government machinery and also in other areas of economic life.

Now, the government is midway to bring back normalcy. Unfortunately, the time is running fast, 40 days as we write is a long time and even now there is no seemingly an end to the miseries. The latest to confuse the matter was to reduce the time limit from December 31 and also limit the deposits to Rs.5, 000 at a time.

The RBI circular had added to the confusion and increased the miseries of the people. What went wrong? Many things.

The PM is talking about, right now, the cleaning of the political party funding.
Here too, we feel, the PM is talking without doing his ground work fully. He must trust experts, he must take into confidence such NGOs and other dedicated bodies and persons like Association for Democratic Reforms(ADR)who have a record of service and latest data about how much funds are held by the major and minor and dummy parties that have all been sitting on mountains of cash hordes and they are doing this even now, even after the demonetisation was announced and that is one reason why the co-operative banks are under raids and scrutiny by Income Tax, Ed and CBI probes in hundred of bank branches.

Raiding the co-operative banks would only did to the miseries of the average clients, mostly farmers and it won’t end the malpractices until other reforms like a new bill to reform the party funds along the recommendations of the Election Commission.

This, to put is bluntly, is a vicious circle.Everyone is a culprit.Now, when everyone, all politicians and leaders know well that it is they who had indulged in the malpractices of dealing with black money and also holders of wealth, again in terms of real estate and gold and other foreign banks, we have to go for a systematic and step by step approach to reach the illegal hordes.
The only redeeming feature of this mid-term crisis, we can say so of the Modi government which had completed 31 months in office is to see that the public misery is not turned into public anger and turned into a backlash of opposition to the government. Luckily, the Opposition is not now in a position to offer a credible Opposition face!

If only the Opposition turns its forces to articulate an Opposition unity then, Modi would have had it! It would be a precious loss of face if the Prime Minister persist in a dogmatic pursuit if this digital India dreams.
India lives in the villages, right?

So, give time and take the people along with you, motivate them to learn in their own pace. Give time to clients of banks even in the towns. The continuing scenario at the bank steps must end must be ended sooner than later.

This is a warning to the Modi government at this juncture. We are sorry to see that a good scheme went awry in such a negative manner.

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