There are still many problems, obstacles, on a day-to-day basis!
Decorum and decency in politics is decreasing?
Time governments and leaders exercise restraint!

Prime Minister has a great role and must see things are in their right places!
In recent days we see a sudden eruption of political misdoings, call it by what name you prefer there is a new sense of frustration at many levels. Of course, the Congress is desperate, we can understand the plight of the Congress party, its leaders are now embroiled in a tricky court case and no one knows where this battle, both legal and political, will lead the country to.  Then, there are the many CBI raids, right from the Delhi Chief Minister’s office to down south to a former Central Minister’s own offices.

In a time of such acrimony, it is natural to suspect political vendetta. Now, for whatever are the reasons, it is too much for a Chief Minister to call the Prime Minister names.

Some unpardonable expressions like psychopath and many such offending terms  which have all been quoted by the BBC all over the world is going  a bit far too  much. The domestic media is handicapped, there is fear and consternation and no independent voices are forthcoming to warn and caution about this state of affairs.

We need independent spaces, forums to discuss and debate such larger issues beyond the narrow confines of narrow party interests.

Unfortunately, yes, we have to say only  it is very unfortunate, the PM too in his wisdom  doesn’t seem to be doing  things in the way the country, the people, beyond again  any narrow partisan considerations expect the governance  to be fair, objective and with the needed speed and expeditious manner.

The apex court expresses concern over the delay in speeding up the appointment of judges to the higher courts.

Is this not an urgent priority? Why then the apex court expresses such a concern. Is this not the domain of the Law Ministry? Why the ministry seems to be lax and even lazy? Is this not the highest priority for the PMO to act? What explains the seemingly wilful delay?

So too the many other issues like the appointment of the Lokayuktas and many such high profile appointment. The chief information commissioner? It has taken so much time. Why?
The more the judiciary is seen as an obstacle, the more the common man suffers.

These delays only contribute to the many other ills in the polity and, why, even in the society.

Some very clever lawyers, there are many in Delhi, who are perched in Delhi, have created   havoc with the system, how the lawyers who have been minister, judges and they stay back and see to it that the justice system is loaded in favour of the most clever or criminal-minded and also the rich and the vested interests. With all noise and heat no real criminals are really punished, let alone sent to jail.

So, we can expect more trouble and strife in the coming days. To that extent the governance would come to suffer, delays would become our norm and we would be only carrying forward the old legacies.

Economic development is a very complex issue, as we see it. It is not the number of new investments and agreements with investors.
One bright spark is the latest India-Japan agreement which spells for the first time a take-off effect.

Certainly, the future of Indian economy and its political direction would certainly change for the better.

Bullet train for India is not just one more investment. The bullet train symbolises a new era of India reaching out to the moon.

Let Indian people get enthused with the new opportunities opening up for the new generation. Let India start looking to the East, Japan and China and let a new era of prosperity open up for a more better and safer world.

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