Education policy must create more jobs
There are 722 universities of which 360 are private universities. Yet, India is nowhere in the world’s top 200 universities

exam--621x414Private universities and colleges now have a majority of students. The quality of education is not world class.
Yet, there are some bright spots.Three scientists have been elected as Member of the Royal Society, London.
India is a democracy. Educationis first of all for the masses,for the various social, economic and politically influential groups.Thus,we see the OBC social groups get disproportionately more seats in educational instituions,more so in engineering and medical colleges.

Only in Tamil Nadu there is 69 per cent quota for the OBCs in the professional colleges. There is a caseagainst these69 per cent quota by affected students. Andthis sort of grievance makes front page news. Andwe see no initiatives by the government.As for the Centre, the new education minister,Ms.Smruti Irani, is a riddle,it seems.
We haven’t got yet a clear road map in which direction the minister wants to take Indian education. Not just universities but also other areas of education. Secondary education is also in a state of confusion.

These are all old and even tired themes.Many private schools, secondary schools in particular,are, as they say, tired of the various issues, childrensafety, the fixing of CCTC cameras and school busesand also themostvexatious, the RTE act implementation.

So, there are a range of new problems. The Block Education Officers (BEOs) in cities like Bangalore are also alleged to resort to extortion by the need for schools to abide by the various new regulations.
The most sensitive of all, the allegations of rape, is now the most sensitive issue.Every family seems to be worried over the safety of their school-going children.So, education in India, if we can say so, is in a state of flux.

Teaching Sanskrit in schools is alright. But in the process; don’t be under the impression that learning foreign languages are not a priority. Now, any number of new languages needs to be learnt and there are very many job opportunities.

In a city like Bangalore, thevery reputation as a Silicon Valley spells the every spirit of innovation and reinvention etc.So, youngsters are also learning fast. Thereare many new learning opportunities.So,please come forward to open your own minds,dear,policy makers.There is also much scope and the time is right to forge new learning models, collaborations with new startups,subsidization of learning new skills.Why,even big MNCs like IBM and others can participate.

We only urge the minister, ministers in other related departments and the private sectors to come out with a new outlook.There is no reason simply why India can’t succeed on this front!

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