Deficit rainfall this year too?
Yes, there is some disconcerting news for the Indian agriculture sector this year also.

rainfallLast year there was 12% deficit rainfall. And the result was a reduction in grain output by3%. This year too there is the weather prediction dept which says this year also there would be below normal rainfall. Monsoons are always unpredictable and with all the latest technology we are able to predict almost correct weather patterns these days. Also, there is more coverage in the print media on the weather and the rainfall almost every day.

It would be more appropriate that the electronic medium too now comes out with daily predicaments of monsoons, rainfalls and also weather and also pollution on a daily basis.

This must be made mandatory on the TV channels. We have to just see the BBC’s weather bulletins.

The time has come to tell our farmers in far off places on their smart phones what the weather, monsoons and rainfalls in their respective geographies.

Now, pollution too is becoming a big problem and the latest WHO Assembly in session in Geneva has released a detailed report on the trends on pollution in China and India and these two countries, says the WHO report, account for the largest deaths owing to pollution rise.

For China it is something like 4 million and for India it is almost 3.5 million deaths over the last few years.  Also the pollution arises, as everybody knows or it is time everyone knows that the pollution spread is also causes the rise and spread in various diseases.

So, prediction of weather and rainfall and the health of the Indian agriculture is tied to the very general health of the population.
The time has also come for farmers and rural people that agriculture is again is a field of activity that is part of the Indian way of life and there must be a sort of liberal attitude towards farming and the farmer’s problems.

The bankers have a new and active role to play to see that the implementation of the Prime Minister Modi’s various new schemes, insurance and the payments of subsidies through bank accounts directly to the farmers, also of course much more important the rural employment scheme also with various states own schemes like various freebies all have to be closely monitored by the Central and the State governments so that there is a widespread impact on the lives and security, food security also financial security and the timely payment of compensation for farmers in distress must become a national mission for everyone concerned.
The Modi government is committed to linking of national rivers, cleaning of the Ganga River and also making irrigation investments, also power generation also as part of this strengthening of the rural economy.

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