One Thought on “My thoughts on Congress Party in Tamil Nadu

  1. Selvakumar on November 20, 2014 at 12:03 pm said:

    The present political situation at tamilnadu is so confusing the people n the Dravidian parties are well loosing their confidence with people. But no way this situation is favour to BJP to rule since they don’t hav any leader at tamilnadu that too with karishma which is vy essential for tamilnadu politics. To prove that they don’t have, they r seeking the support of cinema people.
    .. this situation is right to strengthen the congress which is having the heritage of 127 years. In tamilnadu as a party, congress has two wings .one is jaya congress n the other is DMK congress. But if we take congress men, one is party personnel n the other is real congress personnel but most of them are out of party with long heritage of congress n it’s culture.rarely real congress men are also in the party. Only real congress personnel could bring back the congress’s strength even to make rule tamilnadu. It was proven n history says.
    The pain,the expectation n the challenge….. everything has expressed in a nice way but has given the confidence to make it possible n shown the way. Almost it is like fight for the freedom movement to introduce the democracy in the party. Herculean effort! But possible.!!!!!
    The sea is calm n the wind is favour.sailor like you will make it. You can bring the significant transformation.
    Let all the true congress personnel n the congress liking people unit together to support your goal.
    also steps to be formed to attract youths to understand congress n it’s heritage.
    Youths to be said why congress should come back,its culture,heritage and all.


    (Selvakumar – Pondicherry)

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