His 100 days?
There is work here for the Congress.

In fact,the Congress must constitute a brains-trust.There is much conceptualising of an ideological assault on the BJP government functioning even within its first 100 days.Its outlook,its pronouncements and the criticisms from the public and elite and also from the apex court.The Supreme court’s 5-judge constitution court has given its ‘advice’as to the PM on his office as a great trust under the constitution.This is a great indictment.The Congress hasn’t seized the opportunity.
Much more worrying for India is the state of India’s isolation in the world today.Mr.Modi might be busy with his foreign forays.Fine.But then he is so ignorant or unconcerned about what is happening in the outside world.

The ISIS beheaded two US journalists in Syria in a barbaric manner.Why doesn’t India send out a message about this brutality?The PM had beaten the drum in Japan.But he seems a spoilt brat by that act.As for his foreign minister she seems still a baby in the wood!She seems unconcerned.Then,where is the Congress?Is it not our concern to reach out to the world?World affairs?These are the real concerns,we believe.
The very same apex court said that Ganga cleaning wont be over even after 200 years!Modi made light-heated jokes on”secular friends”.So,he is a religious bigot?RSS conclave,the PM’s indoctrination of the school students etc..
There is enough on hand to formulate an ideological assault and a new battle of sorts.

Please take ideology seriously.Gather great minds.Brain storm and come out with alternative ideas and paths. Travel extensively.Go to all states.Talk to new set of old Congressmen and women and families.
Or,please stand aside and give charge to someone who has the energy and vision and credibility.

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