Letter to Sri. Honble.Sri.  Oommen Chandy

Sri. Honble.Sri.  Oommen Chandy
Chief Minister of Kerala

Dear Honble Mr.Chandy,

Sub: State of the Congress party:

I write this letter as a Congressman of long standing to the fellow Congressman of a very progressive state. To know more about me please see www.isvarmurti.com

First, I must congratulate you   for leading the state against a formidable assault by a determined BJP party and its relentless campaign. It is something of a great feat you have managed to turn the tide in favor of the party.

Now, I have seen the KPCC had passed a first resolution attacking the leadership and then a toned down version.

I have attached herewith a copy of the letter I had sent to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. It speaks for itself.

Let us all be clear about one thing.

Has anyone fathomed the enormity of the Congress fall to this abysmal level?
How, after leading the party for more than a decade and leading it to this ruin Sonia Gandhi can imagine leading the party again?

Any person of common sense must have voluntarily stepped down already and so too Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

There must at least be some interim president to sort things out.

And what a shame the Congress Working Committee meeting in Delhi was?
It was men like Fatedar and R.K.Dawan, two courtiers, who only openly stood up at the Committee for Mrs. Gandhi! Others, at least some state leaders of some standing and consequence must have spoken out or come out and enlightened   the party workers and the public. If even now the Congress seniors don’t feel free and come out and speak how can the  Congress party can hope to recover, if at all?

How long we can hope for pulling on with this setup?

Congress in Kerala has a special history. Both in Malabar and   in the Travancore state the party had a number of dedicated leaders from the very beginning.

I am glad to see even now the Kerala Congressmen has nationalist streak that has stood up with the party workers and this is the glue that binds the Congress organization in the state.

Please for heaven’s sake let the KPCC and yourself and your senior colleagues take courage and ask for a change.

We have all to be grateful to Mr.T.H.Mustafa for taking courage and came out boldly against Mr.Rahul’s style of non-serious campaign. It is something that average Kerala Congressman is above averages other Congressmen!

At least your committee members started this rebellion and a mutiny of sorts. They will be applauded soon as the path makers for a new Congress resurgence.
For your information, I may state that in TN, we had had a great Congress tradition you might know well.

Great leaders like Rajaji and Kamaraj were the twin pillars.Rajaji went on in his later years to form the Swatantra party to spite Nehru and even later, sadly, joined hands with the DMK, with Mr.C.N.Annadurai and let the Drtavidian party social respectability and acceptability among the middle classes and we had seen all the long-term damages.

As a result, today we see TN as the very accumulation of all corrupt politics at its worst forms.

I for one, as a long time Kamaraj follower, started a political movement, Kamaraj Congress and we conducted some meets in some districts.

All the old time Kamaraj loyalists rallied around this movement. But given the intense factionalism the TNCC nurtured by no less than the total neglect of the unit by both Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, we see today even such leaders like P.Chidambaram stand discredited.

The saddest part is that in the 2014 elections Rahul Gandhi, of course with Sonia’s neglect too they abandoned the TNCC and the result we all saw. All the Congress candidates, except one, lost the deposits.

So, where do we go from here?

The questions we, the Congressmen, not just in the state, may be, with help from other states like Kerala can draw plans to make Congress get revived in State levels.

Otherwise, we would be only contributing to further deterioration in the ranks of the party and anything, any split or unpredictable developments could overtake us. Sure!

Better we act in time rather than wait for events over take us.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,


Encl: Mrs. Sonia Gandhi Letter

Copy to:
1. Shri.V.M. Sudheeran
2. Sri.P.C Chacko

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