Letter to Mrs.Sonia Gandhi.

Dear Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,

Sonia, Rahul should take hard decision

Sonia, Rahul should take hard decision

I take this opportunity to write to you about the meeting of the Congress Working Committee of the 19th May. It was such a crucial meeting in the wake of the Congress debacle and as such the whole country was waiting to see what critical discussion takes place and what important decisions were taken. The TV cameras were flashing the meet often though we were not given to listen to anyone’s speeches.

No one had a clue what you all said. From the moral fall of the party one expected a basic norm of some upright moral responsibility taken by the three of you as the top personages.

The Manmohan Singh visage was so discouraging and so emotion less and he seemed to convey the message that it was business as usual for him. One more meeting and one more task, done well for him. What you and Rahul said was not also conveyed.

The historic defeat is unprecedented in the 127 year of history of the party.

You had been at the helm of the party for so long and one thought you would surely resign and the CWC would accept yours and also Rahul’s. But alas! It was not to happen. Again they have given the authorization for you to put the roadmap for Congress Success.

I wonder what sort of roadmap you will put by keeping all the sycophant people around you.

What we saw on the TV screens. It came as a shock also to see that some of the CWC members were none other than your long time household faces. I saw M.L.Fotedar and R.K., Dawan! Are these two, among others perhaps, worthy of representing the people at any level on the CWC?
And it came as a shock to see the CWC members, some of them I can name them as I saw them coming out of the meet in a jovial mood also!

What about the ministers, Cabinet ministers who contested and defeated and also such ministers like P.Chidambaram who ran away from contest and yet had the moral courage to come and sit at the CWC?

Here, from the South, I thought there are such senior leaders like M.V.Rajasekaran, former Union Ministers who are members of the CWC but they were not there. The very website of the AICC and the list of CWC members are so out of date that there are names like the late K.Karunakaran on the list! Such is the total neglect of the organisation.
I wonder whether you would even read this very letter!

I must have written to you at least some one hundred letters over the last 10 years. But yet I never for one got any response from the AICC. Is the AICC a functioning organisation? I like to ask you directly at least once for now!

What is in the minds of the   Congress leaders right now? I fail to understand.

Normally on such a great moment of tragedy, the leader must come forward and offer to resign and resign honestly. Please see the action taken by Nitish Kumar; the Bihar CM.It is the long tradition in the Congress party too. I honestly feel like asking you: have you ever read the history of the Congress party?

Big responsibility is given to you. Please save the party by listening to people outside your coterie, who have no interest in any favour, only interest to see Congress live forever. Please understand that the future of India is now in the younger generation, at least for the next one decade or so the country is going to be ruled by the BJP and allies. Is there any chance for the Congress party to come back to power again? Depends on how Congress moves now. If you follow the same old style you will go in history as the demolisher of the 127 old Organization Congress.

So, we, the older Congress leader and loyalists and on behalf of the patriotic Indians, we like to ask you for god’s sake please change your method of working. Listen to Congress people all across the country you follow transparent system of working and to revive the Congress.
Get elected by the genuine people and then perform.

Never be  a president unelected by a small self interested group around you. Proper inter party election system must be put in place. Every 5 years party elections should come.  First Congress should follow   democracy inside the party. Please ponder over my ideas for some time.
The entire CWC must resign and must stand dissolved at once.

The entire AICC members must resign. The very office-bearers of the AICC must go. All should work at the field level for a year and get elected to the proper offices.
Yes, there is only sycophancy around you today in the name of party organization.

Where is the Congress party in the states?

Both in the North and in the South? In the most important states. It is not there. This election proved it, right?

As for a state like Tamil Nadu I would give my ideas when I happen to meet you sometime later.
But what to be done now is clear.

Please act in a new decisive manner and let the country get a feel that you mean well for India?
India is a great country, a great civilization and a great democracy in the world.

Please realise what great damage you are causing by listening and doing what small men around you and others are saying. They are all traitors to the Congress and the country.
Time and tide wait for none!

So too in politics! You have to change, you can’t postpone any longer.



Yours sincerely,


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