We have to teach maths and sciences!
Also much about the world around us.

How the world is changing?
The Internet revolution we have to teach.

We have to teach about the very eco system around us, around the world.
We have to teach about the Silicon Valley!

siliconThese are some of the thoughts that we, educators and society builders, have to get together and discuss and debate across many platforms. The Internet is 25 years old. There is an Internet boom in India. There is also a mobile boom.

The spread of social media has opened up an unprecedented opportunity for educators how to tap the new technologies and the mindsets of the young to create more new opportunities for new start-up culture and thereby we can create more jobs, self-employed jobs, wealth and abolish poverty.

All these can be done now without the help of the state and the government.
We can also create an open society, more equality and more shared concerns and happiness across the society. Time to think afresh and a bit radically.

Wherever there is a school function and parents meets there must be a new paradigm shift and our parental concerns must get expression though multiple platforms.

So, we share with our readers, why even the general readers who might not have a direct interest in, say school education, has much to share and much to contribute.
As far as the middle class parents are concerned there will be the natural anxiety about the particular education stream, sciences or maths or any other subjects?
Yes, we seem to be living through a globalised world and so we have to get ourselves mentally prepared to become global citizens ourselves.

So too our next generation. As far as the current trends, world education trends are concerned there will be this Indian aspiration, variously called, the Great American Dream. Our children will go to the USA either for education or for jobs too.
That is natural. Also, there is the trend right now here in India where there are new opportunities opening up for much more challenging jobs as professionals and also as entrepreneurs.

We need for any of these careers lots of opportunities right here. First, there is any amount f knowledge and information on the Internet. The Internet Revolution is rightly on us, Indians. Out of the 1.28 billion populations, you will be surprised to know that there is a mobile revolution?

Yes, the smart phone growth is a fantastic 150% growth year on year? Why such rush?

Simply because opportunities are opening up in an unbelievable manner faster and faster. What does the Internet, mobile revolution, so to say mean?

People can get connected with any other in any other part of the world for almost no costs. The knowledge pool, be it on the Google or any other devices, tablet itself is now so cheap you can have it for nothing.

With all these information at hand you can easily imagine you want to have a start-up company of your own. For that our youngsters, boys and girls, already addicted to the computer bug or the Internet or the social media sites, it is next to nothing to strike on your own with any simple idea. What is a start-up?

It is a young minds idea on the Internet. There is also a revolution in the new sciences. Only when the students are exposed to the developments in the new sciences, be it human genome or robotics and any other sciences the students must be made aware of the new developments.

Only an emphasis on sciences teaching on a liberal and freedom of mind scale you can bring in visitor to your schools and get them interact with the young minds you can create the curiosity and a daring mindset.

There are now as many Indian youngsters and even older generation who make so many trips to the USA and back. Every Indian school make it a point to invite at least one NRI visitor to the school and make them speak about their experiences in the USA, the Silicon Valley professions could be the best choices for schools-sciences and maths seminars.

This should become a must for any Indian school. The American children are not as exposed to maths and sciences today. For the simple reason they are much more materially endowed and so they are not as compelled as we can today to make children read maths and sciences. Also teach technologies and also innovations and an innovative mindset.

These are some of the frontier thoughts for educators, school promoters and other to create new innovative schooling in India. There is an Internet boom on date. The coming of Internet is now 25 years old.

This is the right time to expose our youngsters in a purposeful manner to some creative innovative practise in the use of their time on the Face book or Twitter or what have you.

Let the Internet boom and the social media explosion be tapped by educators to put them to more revolutionary, entrepreurship promoting ways.

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