Time to live through a more turbulent time for India only now comes through! Only now onwards!  The biggest crisis is the credibility crisis!
Who would trust the leaders?
The Prime Minister’s American visit is fine!

1-potoBut will the Indian people trust when it is said that the PM would sign an agreement with the US President to make way for the American nuclear power plant suppliers to set up nuclear facility in India?  Why there is worry and anxiety and even downright some indignation as well?

The Prime Minister, as usual, himself doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t speak out his mind on the event of such a big visit. Visiting USA and getting to meet the President is a big thing. Unfortunately, India doesn’t behave or conduct itself with any degree of dignity and protocol. We have only to see other, even; distant countries like the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, cancels her US visit on the ground that the USA had indulged, in a shameless manner tin spying on the very same president’s phones and other devices.

Now, the scandal of American spying and also with Indians, we ourselves allowing our own government here to do the spying on our own citizens, in such blatant manner and yet no voice is raised inside the  country. Where are Brazil’s nerve and our own nervelessness! In fact, our own foreign minister showed himself a poor representative for India!

We seem to be living at a time when we, as citizens, dont care for our own self-esteem and self respect as a nation. In this very peculiar time of ours we are asked to trust our non-speaking Prime Minister to trust him. And that too on such a momentous subject like nuclear power plant purchase with so many risks and hurdles, like the right of the Indian citizens to get compensation in the event of an accident. Bhopal disaster is very much a live subject to us, even now.
And we have seen how the “liability” clause, if any is simply dismissed by the so-called foreign investor.

Now, as for the atomic power production, we, even now, have to be reassured not just be the officials. This term officials are used more and more under the present government. Even under the current discussion about what the Prime Minister carries in his pocket to his counterpart is not known. Mr.Salman Kurshid is a gentlemen politician we grant but his own credibility is on stake. He had not got this portfolio by the dint of his own merit. So, he has to work extra hard to prove himself.

He must be seen as if he is in close touch his boo. This doesn’t seem to be happening. So, when Mr.Kurshid assures about his boss’s own credibility, to that extent the government’s many voices get lost in the very many contradictions, why even in the very weakening of such an exercise. So, India has to sustain the pain and dismay of the people when the PM meets his US counterpart and when Manmohan Singh voluntarily (?) or Obama’s asking (?) one wonders what exactly the language our PM   would utter?

4-potoThis is greatest of the mystery of the modern day politics and India’s own contribution to diplomacy. We in India haven’t been accustomed to any such high level diplomacy, we don’t trust high level public figures, we seem to be left to languish in the world of weak and very ineffective government officials, however high sounding is their status and how much the very government wants us to believe it, we have no choice but to put the faith in god and only relax!

Yes, such is the level of our democracy. A very, poor concept that in the last 66 years we all believed it had matured to a concept of vibrancy. But where is the vibrancy?

We are all saddled with so many contradictions much ridicule?
Yes, we are now presented with the next two leaders: Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. These two it seems likely are to take over India after the 2014 elections. Now, we see that the whole apparatus of Indian democracy is reduced to a farce about which not many are talking bout.
Even the media is caught in the pressure of its own self-survival.
You watch the high level of discussions on such quality channels like NDTV, NewsX and even the Times Now. At the end of the day we find that we somehow come round to live with the same sort of bogus and farcical debates.

We seem to take Mr.Narendra Modi as given factor. He is, not anybody elese, either from with the BJP or outside. In the same vein, we find that only Rahul Gandhi is presented, not anyone else either within the Congress party or outside.

So, when an intellectual like U.R.Ananthamurthy, from Karnataka says, expresses an opinion, that he won’t like to live in a country that would have Modi as the Prime Minister, the BJP doesn’t react in any wise manner. Why only Modi? Why not other faces? More benign faces?
In the same way, why only Rahul Gandhi? He has by all indicators shown that he is not ready; he is not fit for the job.

But there is a great deal of hypocrisy, every sphere of life, starting from the incumbent Prime Minister to the humble citizens. What sort of a person or personality is the Prime Minister who, out of the blue, opts for Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister?

This is the person who is going to meet US President Obama and also assures him a dilution (in all likelihood) and how else the already reluctant producers could be convinced to come to India and invest? In the USA there are over 100 nuclear plants and yet no new plant has come up lately.

So, we have to live with only with these sorts of very weak, weak-minded and also weak-willed persons to fix our fate over the nuclear power as a solution for India’s long term future.

Certainly, the debate on nuclear power must go on in India. With more vigour and more objectivity. There are great many issues. The new Iranian President, Hasan Rowhani, had publicly stated that Iran would not build nuclear weapons. Great. We, India has to congratulate him. Japan knows to India. The Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Abe, is a nationalist (in the Japanese own sense) and he wants to see Japan emerges as big power in South East Asia. Fine. So, the Japanese might come forward to invest in India. But the Japanese are highly committed to nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

2-potoWhat Indian should do? This question is yet to come with the Japanese official position on nuclear co-operation. India is woolly, even now on so many nuclear issues. Are we a weapon making nuclear power?
Are we willing to sign a comprehensive test ban treaty?

Such questions, the government, officially, won’t talk out.
But what prevents people from talking out. Our citizen groups must interact with Japanese citizen groups. The point here is that we, the citizens, can’t leave the Indian high risk, high security issues to non-serious, non-speaking and shall we not say. Non-capable persons and others who managed to come to the high occies not through laid down Constitutional and democratic ways but through backdoors.

The time to live through a more turbulent phase in India begins. Only now onwards.

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