Please lend me your ears!
A vision for India?

New Delhi is top-heavy!

bharat-ratna-awardThere is too much burden on people, ministers and experts that there is very little work get done in various other fields, be it in the capital itself or even at the very low end of the grassroots.

Why also so many retired persons, from politicians to others, like government servants are crowding the corridors of the government. And by the way, should we have a time limit, a tenure limit for some high powered jobs?

For heaven’s sake let Indians do some introspection and ask some hard questions.
One of the great burdens of a colonial rule is that what the masters gave we, the Indians, we have adopted it as gospel wisdom.

Why there is such a craving for government jobs? Well past our prime?
Why there is such a craze for awards, rewards and recognition by the government machinery. There is now a debate, a bogus debate it is, about who should be all rewarded with the Bharat Ratna award?

Should we expand the categories of the fields for awarding this one?
Or, should we stick to the fields in which these awards have been given so far?
There is a very bogus thinking, not serious introspection about what the Bharat Ratna awards have done so far.

These award winners have lifted our self-esteem? Has India woken up to its current status? We have asked in some other context that our leaders, by leaders we mean not the natural leaders., but the artificially propped up leaders, be it any of the high offices of the government under the Constitution, they have all gone abroad at the invitation of the foreign governments or otherwise, what the latest government foreign trips brought home to the Indian people?

What the highest officers, we mean of course, the highest Constitutional office holders have brought back to the Indian peoples imagination and if we can use such a phrase like for the Indian peoples’ “consumption”!Nothing plain nothing. Our leaders, we mean the current crop, they don’t speak, they don’t interact, they don’t express their views and they don’t seem to have any view other than what we read or see in the Indian media.

There is a sickening and dressing atmosphere in the country at the moment. The TV news channel dish out, day in and day out, the most heinous crimes like rape and criminal violence, arrest and trials and then these cases disappear from public memory. What sort of an Indian society we are shaping.

Has any minister or ministers, be they from the high profile portfolios or from other portfolios like women and child care or rural development or from other areas like panchayat raj department, there are any number of issues that are growing every day. We need so many new thoughts and articulation.

If a top leader doesn’t speak, doesn’t even lets us know his ideas or his writings or his press conferences or other themes that may emanate from experts an thinkers and philosophers, both domestic or foreign and unless our leaders feel enthusiastic about their jobs, how can the rest of the citizens feel enthused.

Pray God, if they are so uninterested in thinking and articulating and even coming forward to meet the public, the people, in a press conference, why, pray, they are very keen to stick to these offices.

For far too long a period? Without even bothering to get elected?
What sort of moral lessons these leaders convey to the Indian people?

And so, we have a situation when it is becoming increasingly difficult to fathom the minds of the leaders. They want power. This much is very clear. They want power, they want to win and hold on to power, by hooker by crook!

Then, they don’t want any accountability whatever for their power-holding mission!
There are no moral pangs whatever in the polity right now!

Now, as the elections are nearing there is so much hysteria from the political system, from both the ruling combine and also from the BJP opposition and other parties. Now, what is the alternative to the UPA? Is it just the BJP only? And that too only Mr.Narendra Modi? What about the vast space, the political space is so vast, what about the other parties?

Is this the way Indian democracy is led? Led to where?
You are leading the country with no moral compunction whatever?
You want to hand over the power to a dynastic heir?
Is this all the wisdom you have accumulated all these years?

India has a very long hisory. India had had never a long independent history.
After the initial ancient, misty past comes the very many invasions.
Can’t we say Indian history is a long succession of foreign invasions?

So, we have come to the end of the British rule, with lots of accumulated baggage of inferiority complex, slavishness and somehow a sense of inadequacy about our own national character. That is why an average Indian always craves for government job. From the humble one to the highest. We don’t want to touch any one’s raw nerves.

We have seen, rather more increasingly and with more ruthlessness, that everyone who had occupied the highest offices doesn’t want to vacate voluntarily.
We have seen this in the very recent times. Also, the polity, the party also have all been turned into recruiting grounds for all and sundry.

So many policemen have been rewarded with Governors posts; so many family retainers have also been rewarded.

What is now left over?

Nothing! Even the party’s regional offices have no jobs; the vacancies have not yet been filled up!

Why? No rewards? Who want to work with no self interest?
With no immediate rewards?

So, we blame about the criminalisation of politics!
Who else will be motivated by selflessness?

Either you have to practice it or you must be in a mood to recognise such selfless persons. Here you have come to a point total ridicule that every day the country is passing through an enormous crisis of self-confidence.

We have to borrow from Shakespeare:
Friends, Romans and countrymen!
Lend me your ears!
The evil that men do follow us after ourselves!
The good men do are interred with their bones!
Any lessons?
Any remorse? Any hope of any chance of recovery? Reverse?

It is for the countrymen and women to ponder over these words and thoughts.


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