What are the ways out?
You need to have a confident leadership!

Stock Trader Clutching His Head in Front of a Screen Showing a Stock Market CrashThis much is admitted by everyone in the country. But then what are the reasons? At best, the PM is keeping mum but his chief economic advisory council expert, Dr.C.Rangarajan says something. As for the Finance Minister, he is just the opposite! He is talkative and it is the right word for the FM is not wanting in words and sentences .What e lacks is in credibility.

Not one person is willing to listen to his, more so trust his words. Why? Every next day the opposite of what the FM assured happens. The rupee is in free fall. The rest of the big picture is no less scary.
The very economic engine is off. The very basic fundamental features are all not seen.

Why the economic growth engine sputtered?

Our exports sagged. The core of our exports was, as everybody knows, is iron ore to China. Now the mines are shut and the matter is before the Supreme Court. Yes, there have been large scale corruption, the chief players; some of them are still in jail.

The mines in Karnataka, Goa and Odhisa need to be opened for business and the promised and now withdrawn iron and steel plants need to be revived. Whether we can revive the same is another question.
Then are the very many infrastructure projects that were stalled. Highways, power, and why the list is long.

There are then the scams. Here too the list is long. Apart from the 2-G, there is the now festering Coalgate scam.

Where this mega scam will lead to?

Nobody knows!
Now, this much is enough to give an indication of what is wrong with the economy. The latest prediction for the economy is a growth of less than 5%.This is the magic figure but now it looks this too may be dented.Now, the real challenge is to speak out the truth.Truth is politics is always the first victim.

Can we really revive the economy? Now? Or in later day? Say, after the 2014 elections?

Now, it is not possible to regain the lost credibility.Not even before the next elections. Why?

Simply because there is no credibility for the   UPA at all. There are divergences between the perception of the PM and the party president. So, Sonia is pushing for more populist spending and the PM is totally helpless.May be this growing divergence in perceptions is holding back from the PM, his own views or his own way of action. He is neither speaking nor visible.

This is the real nub. Now, with the sort of tensions in the economy, in the polity and in the larger society with all sorts of corruptions, the corruption cases getting bogged down in the various courts, there is a numbing feeling in the very air. So, how to get the engine started?

In India, the media, the bureaucracy, why even the vested interests are noted for their utter self-survival instincts. Nothing wrong. But then sometime, someone has to talk the truth. Now, the truth is that we can’t go on in such an in determinant manner for long. You can’t even wait for the 2014 elections to come. It is still a long time.

The inflation, the various emerging shortages, import of oil, gas and very many other commitments need to be resolved. The only way, to say the least is one or two heads must roll!

This is democracy. Not a dictatorship. India is not Egypt or Syria.
You have to resolve the crises by some other, more democratic and more peaceful and open manner. The three names that hang heavily on the minds of the people today are three. The PM, the party president and the FM.Either one of them must resign and go, give way to some others.
You can’t hang on forever.

Unfortunately, in this country, today we have come to such a stage that no minister is caught for misconduct and made to go!

See there are already some faces that are visible for such a task.
You tell lies day in and day out. You tell lies to the Supreme Court.
Where are the tapes and files you hide and lie and say that they are untraceable?

Whether one laughs or cries!
Certainly, under Sonia Gandhi, the economy had taken enough beating.
It can’t anymore. The various populist measures need much trimming. There is a growing sense of helplessness on the part of the citizens.
The only way to resolve these emerging, unresolvable multiple crises are to make the air clear.

Give democratic ways a chance. Please let some others give way to new comers. Democracy, democratic values and truth are all at stake.
Please everyone play your part. Dear countrymen, there is no other way!

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