India needs a refreshing change!
Infant mortality rate highest in India?
What about school years?
The rise in corruption scandals?

Now, the claims of the PM and FM about rise in growth rate in three years!
And the tired rhetoric of inclusive growth!

UN Human Development report 2013
Yes, India has done well but not enough to make noises!

There are gains and we are now ranked at 136 out of 187 countries!
China ranked 101st, Russia 55th, Brazil 85th.

More children in India die compared with China. We don’t want to quote too much negative data about India!

Is this big news?

There are commentaries in the Indian media and the criticism is muted considering the mood in the country.

There is much tiredness, fatigue and much helplessness at the very cynicism that prevails across the whole nation.

The parties too seem helpless and that is why Parliament is now becoming more and irrelevant to the common man. What happens in Parliament. Much noise and much confusion and adjournments have become the norm for Parliament.

Thank god, we can see the Parliamentary proceedings and occasionally we can hear the polished argument of one Arun Jaitely and for the rest it is simply grim and dour PM’s visage and you can read his face at all. As for the other ministers, most are invisible and some permanently speechless (may be there are no more speech opportunities, these are there for the various vote bank interests and nothing more and only the voice and face of the government.

And pray, everyone seems to be jockeying for the next slot, whatever this may be.
The country seems thoroughly bored as the very many scandals in quick succession, the latest farm loan waiver scam and the next the high profile helicopter scandal and the every latest the Italian marines..

There is already the TV exposure about the very daring and guileless way in which the CBI going about whitewashing the helicopter deal. Poor Mr.Tyagi, the former Air Marshal is caught but not the other bigwigs who are safely resting the Raj Bhavans.

These ex-security men turned Governors are the greatest scandal in the ruthless and highly insensitive ay in which Sonia Gandhi-Manmohan Singh duo are going about.
Will the two face the next election with any credible face?

There is already rumours floating in the air these very scams and scandals, so much corruption at the very top and yet with no sensitivity and yet the UPA-II hopes to win one more round of elections!

The rise in skepticism and insensitivity about the various burning issues of the day make for a new break in our utter carelessness in running the government.
Who believes the PM’s day in and day out promises? Promises for action.

The latest is about the Italian marines.

There is every doubt that this release of the Italian marines would have happened without a nod at the highest! Also, the various photos displayed on their TV screen showed these marines were receive by the highest, in some sort of a ceremonial manner.
So, this doubt becomes more strengthened because of some other factors too.
Also, the helicopter deal.

How can you leave out, as the CBI had already done the two security advisers to Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, M.K.Narayanan and Wanchoo, the two who are made Governors now!
Are you really serious about investigation or simply you want to ignore the people?
In education, critically, India’s “expected years of schooling” that is significantly below others like Vietnam, Bhutan and Swaziland. Today, a child born in India, the life expectancy is lower than, shame of shames, that of a child born in war-torn Iraq.
Such instances abound in the UN report.

Our interest is not to damn the government, that is unfair. But what can be damnable are the utter cynicism, insensitivity and utter disregard for the Indian sentiments from the top leaders. Who can sensitise the government? May be only the disappointed general public? The voters this time might give a sound drubbing to the betrayers of peoples’ confidence.

Indian economy can’t grow in isolation. It can grow only when the international economic scenario changes for the better.

There should be revival of demand in China and the USA, the world’s biggest markets. So too the European market.

US and EU are India’s biggest export markets as well.

So, when you just draw up a wishful budget and that too what is wishful here? You on plan to deceive the voters with more subsidies and more populism and more promises.
How can the PM cite figures for growth that is not fully true? And the PM sought to quote the Roman historian Tacitus! This time about the BJP becoming jealous and showing envy about the Congress growth rate!

Also, when he claimed much growth vs. that of what the BJP got during its rule, Mr.Arun Jaitely rose up and asked the PM: “what is to be envious about the Congress? Their achievement in the growth of corruption scandals?”

This was an apt reply.
The PM must have sounded more humble and more truthful.

The PM was resorting to taunt and sarcasm to what Mr.Narendra Modi had said earlier in Delhi when he spoke at the BJP National Council.

Yes, Modi used some unbecoming words in calling the PM a weak person etc. But then, the reply must have been more sober and more in gravitas, in keeping with the high office of the Prime Minister.

But somehow, lately and increasingly, there is a certain fatigue that had set in the public mood.This needs to be tackled.

There is room for everybody, every section. The media has a role and so too the elite.
Of course, cynicism is no anti-date. This may only accelerate the negative moods and create bad consequences for public morale.

To create the positive mood, the top leaders must talk the truth and also promise to do a truthful job!

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