Strong case for a new breakaway Congress party in Tamil Nadu
Damaging revelations on Rahul Gandhi’s capabilities!
Sonia Gandhi confidants give some revealing inside story of Sonia Gandhi!

Yes, there is a mood of rebellion against the corrupt DMK in Tamil Nadu. The DMK is deep in corruption cases now monitored by the Supreme Court. So, Sonia Gandhi’s latest alliance with Congress would almost destroy Congress for ever. That is the feeling that has given rise to widespread rebellion in the Congress ranks.

What are the options for the Congress men or the uncommitted voters in the state?
But the ADMK is no clear alternative either! It is no less corrupt or no less authoritarian! Dravidian politics has degenerated into accumulation of wealth by corrupt means; see the wealth statements of the DMK, ADMK chiefs.

They are sitting on hundreds of crores and their thirst for more ill-gotten wealth seems not saturating.

What does this mean to the common man, the mass of voters. Promises of  freebies, from mixies to even cows and goats and laptops!

What more dirty a politics you can imagine? These are film industry people, actress, actresses and dialogue writers-turned politicians.

In hit murky-type politics, Sonia Gandhi led the 125 year-old party for further destruction and she has done it with such impunity!

What is the way out? May be, there is a case for a new breakaway Congress party on the lines of Mamata Banerjee in W.Bengal and Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra.

Yes, Sonia Gandhi by her sheer incompetence has now destroyed the party in major states. See UP, Bihar and other states where the party has no base.

There is now a new mood of disillusion in Tamil Nadu politics. The DMK  is in deep trouble  over the 2G spectrum scandal that is fortunately monitored by the Supreme Court. A DMK Cabinet Minister is in Tihar Jail and his corporate associates, including the department of Telecom Secretary and the Minister’s PA are inside the jail too.

Much more damaging to the DMK is the fact that the DMK chief’s wife and daughter are also enquired by the CBI in the very office where the Chief Minister was conducting negotiations with the Home Minister P.Chidambaram who along with four other Congress leaders are engaged. In the other rooms the Wife and daughter of M.Karunanidhi were subjected to grilling for nearly 3 and half hours by CBI!

How does it would look!

Now, the DMK is perhaps facing the greatest t6est of credibility and there is fear and uncertainty over the fate of the party.

Ironically, Sonia Gandhi too seems to have misjudged the mood of the people and the Congress party ranks. She seems to have first resisted to the first list submitted byte power brokers around her, the latest Wiki Leaks reveal how Sonia Gandhi is being protected and served by the power brokers, they seem to control the access to the lady and it looks she might not have any freedom or even the capacity to act on her own judegemnt or instinct.
WikiLeaks revelations!

Much more damaging is the WikiLeaks revelations about Rahul Gandhi! WikiLeaks  quoting a cable dayed April 23,2007 sent by Charged ‘Affairs Geofry Pyatt says that “Rahul Gandhi is a neophyte who does not have what it takes to become Prime Minister. It quotes the very many gaffes he uttered on very many occasions in UP election campaigns and elsewhere that he is simply not the man in the making for the Prime Minister’s job and also, as WikiLeaks also reveals that his mother Sonia Gandhi is keen to make him the Prime Minister one day. That day is  now receding everyday when we find Rahul in nowhere in decision-making.

For instance he made much of a fus about conducting an election to the You8th Congress in Tamil Nadu and he wanted the Congress to go it alone. Nachiketa Kapoor, the Sonia Gandhi insider whose name came linked with the cash-for-vote scandal, has now something more to say about what the insiders around Rahul says. Rahul is “out of touch” says Kapoor, he has no close friends, he is arrogant, his own staff keep him at arm’s length, “Rahul has no future, no talent for politics, never will he be Prime Minister, as he has done nothing for the past three years”.

In an October 11,2006 meeting with the same American embassy official “Sonia Gandhi confidant, Rashid Ali insisted that despite his lack of public appeal and political skills, Mrs.Gandhi will install her son as Prime Minister, this ascension is not imminent, it will take time for him…” (Cable dated Oct 17,2006).There are even “catti” titles, like “son set”, “The Dynasty – Dying Nasty “etc.

Now, his mother had distributed a list of Congress candidates, almost every one of the selected ones is facing rival candidates from the Congress party itself, even the old and current MLAs are contesting as independents in as many as six or seven constituencies. In Mylapore, an elite  constituency, where the TNCC President, Mr.Thangabalu has fielded his own wife, a housewife from the backward Salem district as a new face in Mylapore. No wonder, as many as 25 new candidates have filed their names for context in this constituency. One candidate one M.Sivamaki is a South Chennai city district  Mahila Congress!

Also, Sonia had to change the candidates in some other states after facing resistance from the party workers.

All this she has done with such entrenched vested interests as TNCC president(he is there for years and no changes for TNCC only while Sonia has changed the PCC presidents for almost all the other states.

And this she has done in a state where the Congress is out of power for the past 45 years, since 1967.See the contrast in West Bengal here Mamata Banerjee is leading her own outfit, Trinamool Congress just in the last fifteen years since 1997.

In Bengal where the Left Communists are so entrenched and now they fear for their  continuity. Bengal is a state which has a radical history. The state had opposed Gandhiji many times and where great men like Chittaranjan Das and Subash Chandra Bose had differed from Gandhi and went to found  their own party. Yet, what those giants can’t do, this puny little petite and stormy petrel has changed the whole scenario.

At least in Bengal after 1967 there were one or two  experiments with alternatives like the  Biplobi Bangla Congress led by Ajoy Mukerjee in 1967(I knew Ajoy Mukerjee very well whenever he used to come to Delhi to meet the Congress President K.Kamaraj with whom I was working then). Jyoti Basu first became a minister in the Ajoy Mukerjee government. Incidentally Jyoti Basu was a candidate for election from the Bolpur constituency which was also the place of Santiniketan where I was a student t in 1955-59.

Now, the point is what the breakaway Congress units like Mamata’s and in Maharashtra under Shard Pawar could do, we in Tamil Nadu couldn’t do much to break up the monopoly of the DMK and the ADMK.

The DMK in particular is a dangerous party, it is separatist, it keeps the Sri Lankan Tamils issues always burning so that it can threaten the Centre and extract concessions, and the DMK retains a pliable Government for ages! The DMK got on with so much corruption and bad governance, its toddy shops are a scandal and so are the scandals associated with the entire family members of the DMK chief, his sons are powerful dadas, his nephews are media barons, his sons and the daughters and other nephews are all film producers and the entire film crazy Tamil film industry is under the thumb of the DMK family rule in the film industry.

The media is blacked out, rain washed and no newspaper or TV channel would report the news in the state.

There is a peacetime Hitler in operation! There is fear and much terror and the state is almost lost forever!

In this very tense and sensitive scenario, Sonia Gandhi has displayed a very  disappointing sense of dereliction of duty.

Now, with the Prime Minister getting into trouble from a series of scams and scandals and the very mood Parliament is caught up with Richard Nixon-type deception and lies and so many half truths and  denials, there is every possibility the Prime Minister might be entrapped in any one of the scandals, CVC, 2G spectrum enquiry which is directly supervised by the Supreme Court and also the cash-for trust vote scandal in which too the PM could be trapped to have told blatant lies to Parliament.

Already Dr.Subramanyam Swamy has warned the PM could be caught like Nixon and there are examples in UK and USA where the reigning PMs, Margatrest Tatcher and Tony Blair were driven out of office not through any trust vote or other constitutional means but by some gutt feeling and gutt action  for having overstepped the limits. In Nixon and Blair case they were proved to have told lies to  the Congress and Parliament. Dr.Swamy is the originator of the 2G spectrum enquiry and he is also pursuing other scandals.

So, given the sheer non-performance of ministers like Kapil Sibal(Arun Shourie in a  moment of anger called him a bully and also other ministers like Moily and Chidambaram there are risks to the PM’s own current mindset.

The PM’s rather low joke on L.K.Advani rebounded on him when the next day Arun Jaitley, the Opposition Leader that the birthright of being Prime Minister is a dynastic right practised by the Congress.

So, the current political environment is rather unstable and given the emerging  scenario in the states, like W.Bengal and Tamil Nadu where too a situation might arise when the DEMK chief, if he or his sons become chief ministers might be asked to quite.

So, the current state of affairs in the Congress is not very hopeful. The BJP, after the current session of Parliament, seems to be gaining some credibility for moderation, wisdom and some ethical and parliamentary proprietary.

So, there could be a more new evolution of parliamentary  democracy in India. All for the good of the country and the democratic world, in and around and  even in the  rest of the world.

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