Does  Sonia Gandhi wants the Tamil Nadu voters to vote for the corrupt DMK?

Can Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi duo save the Congress in Tamil Nadu?
Youth Congress  in the state and its new leaders are left in the lurch

When Rahul Gandhi conducted the elections to the Youth Congress in Tamil Nadu with a team of former Election Commission members and officials, it raised high hopes in the state.
Tamil Nadu is not like any other state. It had the reputation as the ground where the first all Indian meet from all over the country, from North West Frontier to East and Western states of India gathered in 1872 in the then Madras when Annie Besant convened her first Theosophical Society meeting.

Tamil Nadu is also the one state from where all the very eminent men and women, the best brains and men and women who made great sacrifices for freedom came about. The list is long. The list includes the first men who went to attend  the founding of the Congress in 1885 in Mumbai under A.O.Hume.

From Tamil Nadu went Salem Pagadalu Narasimha Naidu, G.Subramanya Iyer (who seconded the first resolution moved in the 1885 Congress)and others. Rajaji, Kamaraj and a long list of the great brains all came from Tamil Nadu to serve the country and the Congress party.

With such great traditions, today the Congress is almost dead and had become a non-functional unit.Sonia Gandhi is now presiding over a  [arty that is almost non-existent in most big states like TN, W.Bengal, UP, Bihar to state the most prominent.

Now, in Tamil Nadu the Congress is out of power for some 44 years.

In this current negotiations, the Assembly elections are announced for April 13.

The DMK, the ally is deep in corruption crisis. The DMK Cabinet minister in jail for the past one month for alleged unprecedented corruption in 2G scam.

The loss to the country is estimated at 1.70 lak crore!~

Now, the DMK’s M.P. and daughter of the Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi, as per today’s Economic Times report(March 4,page 3)CBI to question Kanimozhi.

It is in connection with the CM led Kalaignar TV which received Rs.214 crore from Balwa who is also in jail along with the co-conspirator the minister.

In such a scenario, the Congress is negotiating for some few seats in the DMK led alliance.
Is this fair?

Is this what Rahul Gandhi did when he led the Youth Congress in the state

What hopes the Youth Congress leaders had and what they were talking till the other day was they would emerge as the catalysts and they would bring about a change in Tamil Nadu.
Where is now Rahul Gandhi when the crucial negotiations are going on?

What are Rahul’s thoughts?

What is Sonia Gandhi doing? She has constituted a 5 member team, all the members are obliged to Karunanidhi. Home Minister P.Chidambaram has no credibility whatever in the  state when he didn’t win the Sivaganga Parliamentary elections in a convincing way. The whole state knows this truth.

Now he is also facing charges of wrong doing with the Supreme Court ruling against the CVC appointment in which P.Chidambaram, the Opposition parties hold as responsible and are demanding P.Chidambaram’s resignation.

So, P.Chidambaram can’t be expected to plead for the interests of the Tamil voters in the DMK-led alliance. G.K.Vasan, everyone knows, is a long time family friend of the Chief Minister. Ms.Jayanthi Natarajan, the Rajya Sabha M.P. is also a very obliging friend of the  CM, for he only rewarded her the MP job and he also conferred on her many cash awards. The TNCC President is a well-known agent of the CM. The TNCC President and the Central observer Ghulam Nabi Azad are also known to have some vested interests.

The point is that the Congress didn’t have any idea of what is good for the state and didn’t care to take up the case of the voters who are plainly disgusted with the DMK once again  seeking votes with all the corruption charges piling up.

So, now the press reports that the Congress gave up even asking for a share in the power, an alliance where the power sharing will be given up and it will be an exclusive father-son game of usurping power and no minimum programme, no co-coordinator and no share in power!
What sort of an alliance is this?

Has Sonia Gandhi cared for Tamil Nadu? With what face Rahul will once again come to Tamil Nadu and face the Youth Congress leaders and three youth workers who enrolled themselves or shown as members running to some lakhs!

It is time the Youth Congress workers go before the people and explain the compulsions for them not to go about in a free and fair manner.

The task before the youth must be clear.
Campaign for a clean government.

This means asking for votes for only the clean candidates.

If it comes to it, the Youth must defy the leadership and go only for clean candidates. In no way, the Youth Congress can be held as rainsom for the blackmail tactics of the corruption-tainted DMK.

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