Such a possibility can’t be ruled out.
DMK is desperate to fight and retain power at any cost. It has amassed resources and corruption is no longer a taint for the party.

The whole of India knows. So, the DMK might try all desperate measures to win power at any cost. The Congress is not any more an advantage for the DMK. So, it could ditch the party and the alliance.

Is the Congress alive to such isolation and desertion by an untrustworthy ally?
Tamil Nadu Congress-DMK alliance  is at the brink of collapse? Yes, it looks like that. Congress stands exposed to ridicule in the eyes of the Tamil voters.
What does the Congress wants?

No leadership  for the State Congress.

The Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi duo stands exposed to the voters in Tamil Nadu.
There is no clear leadership. Rahul Gandhi did  much commendable work by organising the first ever Election Officials led fair and independent election to the Tamil Nadu Youth Congress. All Parliamentary Constituencies were given elected representatives of the Youth Congress  as well as to the Assembly segments.

Now, the DMK had played such a revengeful tricks on the party. Now, the seats are allotted to the PMK and the VCK, two antagonists   are in the same alliance.
Now only some 90 seats are left. So, how can Congress hope to get the 90 they have asked for so long?

It is next to impossible and the Congress now, at this late stage, is left nowhere to turn.
The DMK is flush with ill-gotten funds and also a frenzied cadre that would fight like hell the  elections.

The ADMK is no less a frenzied party.

DMK’s capacity to teach lessons to the Congress is no less.

In these circumstances, the 5 member team is no match. I am sorry to say that the team members were all once  at some time or other got so many obligations, the state knows only too well, from the very hands of Mr.M.Karunanidhi. His capacity for much mischief and exposure of the enemy is too well-known.

How can one expect Mr.P.Chidambaram, Mr.Thangabalu or Ms.Jayanthi Natarjan to negotiate with Karunanidhi.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi must be knowing only too well.
Where is Mr.Ghulam Nabi Azad the man in charge of Tamil Nadu. He must be in the picture. He is nowhere.

So, what to be done now, at this late stage?

My suggestion, as I had said in many letters to Mrs.Sonia Gandhi is to take a firm stand on principles and go for an independent stand. The Congress party must stand for a secular, democratic and anti-corruption strategy and announce candidates for all the 234 constituencies.Even now it not too late.

Such a bold stand and announcement might bring in new support, new parties might all around the Congress. There is much public goodwill  for the Congress. Only a  bold leadership to  stand up to the DMK is needed.

Visitors, please, post your comments and suggestions for such a stand. I am leading  a movement for such a stand. Our movement, Kamaraj Peoples’ Movement can announce also candidates and there are some splinter parties like the old Organisation Congress and others.

There could be a new call for a new upsurge to defeat both the DMK, ADMK, both known for monumental corruption and mis-governance.

People want a change. This is the time for effecting such a change. Please post your comments.

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