Radio tags to Indian students shows American culture’s limitations!

It is an insult not just to Indian youngsters but also to the rest of the world. An insult to human dignity and a lack of decency and much else in general American behaviour.

So, after all America is a very different country and culture? Yes, it is proved now by the American behaviour, it is irrelevant whether it is an individual behaviour or a national characteristic that generally the rest of the world looks at America with awe and also with some resentment

What President Obama won for his country during his visit to India, he lost it by just this one instance of how you behave with the world.

America might be a giant of sorts, in terms of brutal power, both military and economic. But America seems to be a puny nation; it is a great irrelevance when it comes to the finer things of life.

It is not without some significance a few years ago when the Nobel Prize Committee Secretary told openly, departing from convention, just a few days before the Prize for literature was announced that that particular year the Nobel Prize won’t go for Americans!
Why such blatant open announcement?

Simply because the Americans used to have their way, be it military power or economic muscle, the Americans think or imagine that whatever they do they have right to do in their own way.

Fortunately for the world, it is not so. When it comes to the finer qualities of life, values and much else, be it literature or poetry or even search for truths, philosophy, spiritualism and much else, whatever lends dignity to human life, it is a different ball game, so to say. So to say.

The Tri Valley University in California is not India’s concern. If the said university had indulged in corrupt practices, it is the American business to tackle it.

By no stretch of imagination your misdeeds should be cast on the innocent and ignorant students who believed in American assurances and they applied for and got enrolled.
If afterwards if the university was found out as a bogus affair, why do you resort to this c sort of uncivilised conduct?

And then you dare to justify your barbaric conduct.

It may be your country’s business but it can’t be justified and you expect us, a country with a civilisational values of great antiquity and you a new nation where you are all migrants, both legal and illegal!

What is the difference between the legal and illegal migrants?

As far as we Indians are concerned or for that matter any others concerned have no interest in what you choose to describe yourself.

Now, it is evident that the US administration, we don’t know how far Mr.Obama is seized of the matter, is plainly jealous of the Indians attainments and they want to show their resentment in this way.

The pity is that except the S.M.Krishna no one seems to have got agitated.
This is typical of the current Indian bureaucratic politics.
The PM won’t open his mouth and won’t even show he is seized of the matter.

So, what to do?
How Indira should respond?

As far as we are concerned we have to organise some public protest in the US campuses.
Indian students in the American universities campuses must organise this protest in a dignified way and we should show that India has a different way of public conduct.

We can post our condemnation on the Internet and other means must also be deployed.
Our senior Indian professors in top universities, men like Prof.Amartya Sen and others must write open letters condemning the US practice and demand immediate withdrawal of such barbaric conduct.

Indians can now afford to do some different protest. Indians are a big presence in the USA and Indian technical hands are filling the American corporates, Indian Americans are a new power to be reckoned with.

There are eminent and competent Indians in the Obama administration and it is time for them to have their say in this insult to India. There can’t be two sets of justice.

Universal application of human rights, equality before international rights and conventions are all there now. So, Indians cant remain mute spectators.

Has America slipped? Let us hope so.But it is time that globally Indians show their clout and their different cultural traits.

That way only lies our destiny this century.

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