Prime Minister’ image suffers!
Senior ministers must not surrender their self-respect!

The 2G spectrum is now a test for national integrity, truth and honesty in public life. It won’t go away easily. This time at least. That is the national mood this time.

The appointment of the CVC, the Central Vigilance Commissioner P.J.Thomas has brought out a whole host of issues. The matter is now before the Supreme Court. The Advocate General G.E.Vahanvati is a highly respected and highly regarded legal brain. Yet his utterances before the highest court of the land has created dismay among the intelligentsia and the legal community. Already the apex court had restrained another legal brain, the current telecom minister who also holds the highly sensitive education portfolio. Such a high dignitary received from the apex court a warning to “behave with responsibility”. Any other person of such high position would have promptly resigned. But we seem to be living in some strange times.

Our highly regarded Prime Minister seems to have conducted the affairs of the country in such a way he is not even showing any sign of self-respect and dignity. He couldn’t remover the patently corrupt ministers from his Cabinet or thrown away the poorly performed ones. He is happy; it seems, with the job he is holding.

Yes, the high office of the Prime Minister of a democracy of 6 billion people is reduced to pathetic levels. The AG is telling such blatant audacities, the intelligentsia is watching with helplessness to his lies and the home minister, after a long silence is coming out to contradict the AG. What is this? What sort of government and governance values we are upholding.

So, now, who is telling the truth? Who is really hiding the truth?
Surely, the PM is a privy to this whole fabrication of falsehood, right or wrong?
Please for God’s sake, let someone in the government or in the party (after all the Congress is going to face the guit, the perpetuation of this giant lie?) tell us, the public who is lying for whose sake?

So, now Sushma Swaraj, the Leader of the Opposition who was one member of the three with the Prime Minister and the Home minister being the other two and who else knows what transpired in the meeting that selected Mr.Thomas.

Now, ironically, the sympathy factor would be in favour of him. After all, the poor man might not have bargained for this sort of treatment.

Or a gentle sign from the PM must have seen him quite this position long ago!
Now, the black money case.

The task given to the Finance Minister is also not easy.
Mr.Mukerjee is supposed to be the wise man of the team. Now he is just given the brief, it seems, to indulge in subterfuge and camouflage so that the truth doesn’t come out in the open.

Dr.Subramaniam Swamy, the other day on the Jaya TV, said enough to indicate why the government is reluctant to reveal the names. The Swiss banks and the German banks where the money is hidden say that for tax purposes we won’t reveal the names. It must be for substantial criminal involvement, for drug trafficking and such other serious frauds.

Dr.Swamy said that among the names are one, a son of a TN Minister in Delhi and the other the sister of a top leader in Delhi!

Are these indications point to some guess work and understand the compulsions of the government?

So, the reluctance of the government. Now the finance minister is giving out some alternatives. In fact the brief seems to be to stonewall the demands and come out with a grand tricks. The truth may not come out at all.

As in 2G spectrum too. Mrs Gandhi is now entering into an electoral alliance with the very DMK that landed the Central Government in such an embarrassment. So, what is Mrs. Gandhi’s political wisdom or logic?

Nothing. Sheer ignorance and sheer disregard for public feelings an concerns.
So, what is democracy’s value? Nothing?

We request our great men and women in Delhi: please take us seriously. Take our sentiments a bit more seriously.

Please look around the world. We seem to be living at a more sensitive time and age. Any insensitive government, be it in Egypt or in any other country, even in former Soviet nations now undergoing transformation, we see there is public awareness and public awakening and also public uprisings!

Please save the country and our dignity. For our own sake and for the sake of our future generation.

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