Indian polity is an unexpected crisis!
Parliament adjourns without transacting any business
The Congress remains adamant
Opposition’s demand for JPC justified?

Parliament adjourned after three weeks without functioning. Now, the situation is developing towards a crisis of unpredictable nature.

The Supreme Court is almost directing the government on several matters. This is not good at all. We are burdening the apex court with almost; it seems, like a day-to-day work of what is legitimately the function of the executive. Sonia Gandhi’s defense of the Prime Minister is irrelevant. Nobody questions his personal integrity. But at the same time, everyone started questing his wisdom and his judgements.

Of course, it is plain like daytime that the PM failed miserably to judge his ministerial colleague at the telecom ministry. It is the duty of the PM to take timely action. This he didn’t.

Why the PM didn’t event reply to letters from individuals like Dr.Subramanyam Swamy who sought permission to prosecute the telecom minister for his misdeeds. Perhaps many people, why the common man doesn’t know that his Prime Minister is not in the habit of responding to queries of even some great public interest.

The PM doesn’t meet the janata, he doesn’t conduct any janata durbar and there is no way one can get a hearing from the Prime Minister. He may be honest but for what end? To end up his government, now mid-way through his two terms and there is every indication that this government would end up as the most poorly performing government and paying a heavy price for that.

All the laboured defense that Sonia Gandhi is putting up for the PM is not addressing the most challenging concerns widely shared by the public. Now, the daily revelations that the public are fed with, by the Supreme Court proceedings with such bigwigs like Ratan Tata and the high profile PR lobbyist for Tata and Ambani and the dramatis personae who are themselves newsmakers and who can be unconcerned about these revelations. The unprecedented scale of the misdeeds, the corruption scale is such as to destablize the very government.

How can the public be satisfied with the sort of response that only the Congress President is representing?

What about the Prime Minister? Is he justified even after so much has happened and his reputation for governance is now in the tatters and him, the Prime Minister simply is not capable of rising above the routine presence? The Prime Minister under the Constitution is the leader of the House, parliament is in dole drums and we see the Pm travelling abroad and doing things that are totally unacceptable in a democracy like ours.

Is the Prime Minister’s tour abroad when the Parliament is in a crisis justified?

Is the Pm also right to talk the way he had talked of Parliament while in Germany? And is Germany the conducive soil to talk of Un Security Council reforms? It is not just a joke, it is a plain insult to the world opinion, and we have to note it in all seriousness.

Germany, yes, is our friendly nation, a strong economy in Europe and in the scheme of things Germany matters a lot for us. But Germany has a different history. Germany evokes different set of images in the world capitals. Germany is not like any other European nation; Germany at any rate is not the country to carry out open discussion for civil nuclear energy.

The Indian Prime Minister, we are sorry to note, has not done the country proud by undertaking intermittent tours every now and then and he goes everywhere, to Japan and where too he discussed nuclear energy. One wonders what he has read about the world affairs! Japan and Germany are great nations and they had gone through hell in the Second World War. They are left alone for their own good and for the good of the world’s troubled times.

We don’t talk nuclear energy with every country we visit. For God’s sake we request the learned Prime Minister to keep in mind the sensitivities of the world opinion.

We tread slowly when it comes to nuclear energy. One associates nuclear energy with complicated issues of war and peace.

And the Indian Prime Minister gives the impression that he is the sole champion of nuclear energy for the energy security of the whole world, if not just India.

India’s reputation for playing our responsible role in nuclear energy issues is not all that universally welcome. There are serious issues we are yet to comply with. One is the issue of nuclear non-proliferation.

Though countries, friendly or for diplomatic reasons they don’t mention there are highly respected individuals like, say, Jimmy Carter who wants Indian to sign the NPT and CTBT.
With so much reservations about India’s own claims of self-righteousness, it is rather strange and certainly what the Indian PM did and said in Germany was plainly very hurtful to the sensitivities of the Indian people themselves. The PM should not have undertaken this tour at the midst of a crisis in Parliament.

And now, pray, how the Congress can afford to ignore its own allies, some of which also desire to have a JPC straightaway so that all the doubts and all the dark corners in this murky alliance practices and the very DMK that is almost blackmailing the Congress and this everyone knows, not in Tamil Nadu alone but even in New Delhi.

How such huge money can can be lost in the telecom scandal?

And now with the Supreme Court giving great deal of confidence to the common man, it is the duty of the coalition to take the initiative to clean up the mess and bring back some transparency.

Every time the Congress denies any wrong doing, every time it is adding up to its troubles.
The Radia tapes only makes matters worse for the ruling coaltion. First it was only one minister whose name was doing the rounds. Now with the Radia tapes we are given almost blow by b low account of every other minister.

So, the public wonder: Is this all about Cabinet formation? So, the PM was after all what he was always used to be. Just a figure head, just a helpless victim presiding over a cabal that was cobbled together not even by Sonia Gandhi but by the corporate jokers, the whims and fancies of a PRO and her gang got to form the Indian Cabinet of such ordinary mortals. We don’t want to name names but then these are the Ministers who fly in and fly out and they make so much grand announcements and, then, to borrow the phrase from Ratan Tata himself, this is after all a banana republic! Oh, the great Mahatma, oh, the great democrat, Pandit Nehruji, it is you who fashioned for us this Constitution and now see what it is, it is after all a banan republic we, your inheritors have brought this country to!

So, Sonia Gandhi shouldn’t protest too much.
After all, as we know now, that she has very poor advisers.

So, we say now to Soniaji: “Please come forward and listen to the citizens’ voices. Yes, the mainstream press and the media had failed us, the citizens. And yet, the remaining media space is pure! They had exposed the government for what it really is.

So, now come clean, respond quickly before it is too late. Respond for a JPC. Let there be a clear air. Let the public know what went wrong and where.

So, the democratic system cleans itself within a short span of time.

That way only lies our deliverance. Our national deliverance! So, please act fast!

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