It is showing off!
Minister’s performance is a mix of inefficiency, evasiveness and sheer corrupt deals and much more!

Yes, it is now openly admitted and acknowledged that it is no wiser and serves no purpose to blame the Prime Minister. The PM’s personal decency, no one questions. But everyone is very much concerned about the state of the country, the economy, and the very many shortcomings of the government.

The second year of the UPA-II hasn’t started off well. The PM’s first year performance car, his press conference and the series of the events and scandals that overtook this government is perhaps unprecedented. Here is a government, a coalition that saw its partners going their own ways. The Trinamul Congress, the NCP, the DMK went their own ways.

The Trinamul went its way and contested the Kolkata Municipal Council elections on its own and ditched the ally, the Congress and in the process the TC did so many other things and in the end we today see the Maoist derailment blamed on Mamata Banerjee, she didn’t show any remorse, she didn’t even visit the accident site at once and even acknowledge and even now didn’t explain what is her position on the Maoist menace. Is this what we expect from a crucial allay of the Central ruling party? Is this what the great Bengal intelligentsia is capable of contributing to the collective good of India? And for all her unpredictable nature Mamata Banerjee has some of the best and brightest of the MPs in the present Lok Sabha. Even if she behaves this way, her team members owe to their state and to the country some more wisdom and light.

It is unfortunate, that Manmohan Singh, such a quiet and decent man finds himself in the hot chair of the Prime Minister. He has been given a high profile assignment by Sonia Gandhi that with all deference to the man and to his office, how long we can hide our miseries of such poor governance? It is now showing off at many levels.

The most crucial levels are in the real of performance.

Here we see a lack of an over-all shared vision from this Cabinet.

Even now we see their re discordant voices from within the Cabinet. Even the performance of the over-rated home minister is very disappointing and evens his latest stance on the responsibility of the CRPF and the Chhattisgarh police force is very disgusting. Says the veteran journalist and commentator (The Deccan Herald, 5, July, 2010) the home minister is now putting out a stance that is clearly is a disowning of responsibility. Says Akbar: the home minister put out a “mock resignation when 72(or 76?) CRPF men were killed in Dantewada in April. Now, the latest killing with 27 jawans from the same force by the same Maoists in the same place”. Says Akbar: “The first time, home minister P.Chidambaram was forced to offer a mock-resignation. The second, there was not even a half-resignation was on offer nor was one demanded, although in terms of strict accountability, the second was a far greater lapse. Instead the home minister escaped on a rope of words: Akbar calls this a “wagon of words”. That is the words put out by our minister now, as the one about the monsoon predictions and much else, are now, it seems, a part of the disinformation process.

What is the ministry of information and broadcasting is doing? Precise nothing!
Yes, we make a list of the misleading propaganda in which the establishment press barons participate so willingly the list will be rather long.

The ministry under Ambika Soni has indeed very little to show by way of any progress. No vision statement at all, no action whatever, she is not even seen very much in the public and only when  the home minister went off the media lights after the Dantewada massacre, she, Ms Soni was seen as a spokesperson for a brief while. Now, P.Chidambaram seems to be back in the limelight. Of course he belies that the public memory is short, after all.

As for the other ministers, yes, Jairam Ramesh, for all his boyishness and his enthusiasm, seems to be doing well in a way. And for other heavy weights, it is Sharad Pawar he is hogging the limelight for all wrong reasons. Poor man. He has come out of a medical checkup and so we wish him all good health and long life. But given his age and experience, 44 years in Parliament and 25-26 years in the government it is a long haul. And he must be legitimately being expecting some bigger award. A Prime Minister’s job is now out of reach, considering the current political climate and the way the coalition is now function without any bonding glue or any vision or ideological commitments, everyone seems to be for him or herself.

In this disarray situation, Pawar’s best reward seems to be the current chairmanship of the ICC.

S he should be given a lighter portfolio or an honor in keeping with his age and image.
The other one bright light now seems to be Mr.Kamal Nath. He has not come to the forefront by his open and direct, face to face attack on the Planning Commission, in fact, at the face of Mr.Montek Singh Ahluwalia, he called the Planning Commission members armchair men and women!

Right or wrong?

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