Prime Minister after his press conference
Faster developments, disasters, unwelcome events and much else!
The latest series of Maoist-triggered mass killings tests the state

There is urgency for new strategies to combat these senseless killings and to restore the state to its democratic core.

This also calls for much soul searching and we have to be more open and honest to ourselves.
The British Minister resigns within two weeks of taking office on a matter of principle; a minor principle might be in India. In the UK, in the mother of democracy state, even minor political failures calls for high moral ground.

The Liberal Democratic Party now goes up in the estimation of the people all over the world. And this gesture   restores confidence in democracy all over the world.

Otherwise, they would further drift into senseless killings, much bloodshed and terrorism and even possible large scale wards and much else.

So, why not the UPA-II calls for the resignation of, the civil aviation minister over the horrible air disaster in modern Indian?

Why not the UPA-II collectively pulls up the ministers who indulged in the IPL scandal and left uncared for their key ministerial portfolios?

What is the unfinished task the Prime Minister is talking about?

Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh chose to conduct a press conference after his one year in his second innings.

That in itself was commendable, to say the least.
But how he emerged after the press conference?

Surely, there were serious comments from the press and also from the readers of the newspapers. They all showed lots of reservations and even plain disappointment.

The Hindu newspaper, known for its conservatism and plain timidity even chose to call its editorial as “drift, dissonance and disappointment”. This is damnation enough, if damnation is called for.
In other countries, the denounciation could be more colourful and the press language could be plain historic stings and sling even!

In India, our media, print and online are changing. The print media is driven by plain commercialisation, with the latest multi language editions we see serious deterioration in standards and ethics. Advertisements are published as news and this is happening not just in election times. This is almost a daily phenomenon in some states.

In Tamil Nadu, for instance, there is this underhand dealing. Cover the Chief Minister and his family members and in return you get the government advertisements liberally. Almost on a daily basis.
There are other serious shortcomings in society and politics. In the same state, we saw the other day a very strange spectacle of editors, read them as ower-editors, they were all “lined up” for public view! We saw the powerful owners of newspapers, from The venerable Hindu to the other venerable Tamil newspaper, Dinamani, these owner-editors stood hand in hand with some of the yellow journalist stars!

Yes, it is these worthies who contributed or supplied articles praising the deputy chief minister and the book authored by these worthies, were widely publicized and sold in the state. This was a blatant attempt to promote a dynastic heir in an equally blatant manner, in an undemocratic manner.

The state  government formed by one party, a minority party, while the alliance partner, none other than the Indian National Congress, was denied the right to remain   in the coalition and yet the ruling party  at the Centre succumbs to blackmail!

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