Yes, this is the time of difficult governance and decision-making

Considering the world recession, internal challenges, swine flu scare and widespread rought, there is an emerging crisis on a large-scale.

There is no use and it doesn’t serve anyone’s purpose to ignore the ground level realities.

Critical infrastructure, power, mining, steel, roads, civil aviation, to name the few ones, is all caught up in much critical policy making.

Certainly, the civil aviation is in crisis. Apart from what the civil aviation sector, the private players want what the psu Air India wants?

It is a huge bill and there are also the many options, fully-government owned or partially owned or  privatisation?

Rs.25,000 crore bailout is a big drain on the resources now. So, here is a major decision and the government can’t drag its feet.

Then ,the power sector. No targets can’t be assured? Yes, it looks like that.
But then the mining sector, the two mega projects, of arcelor Mittal and the Posco surely needs some plain common sense, how to give the lands, the land acquisition bill and the actual land acquisition needs a bit of dashing brain storming  and action.
Are the leaders in the coalition brave enough to rise up to the occasion?

Then there is some bright spot it seems from the Kamalnath’s ministry.
The man is doing something that we have to admire.

Yes, the roads ministry was caught in large scale corruption and bungling under the DMK cynicism in the UPA phase I. Now, under the UPA phase II, there is hope.

But then Nath needs some more energetic steps to give India much delayed good roads and reduce the road accidents to a zero tolerable levels.

India has a very bad reputation for accidents on the highways. India seems no one state. Maharashtra d and Tamil Nadu are the two leading road accident prone states.

In TN you see the roads never attended, all freebies nowadays and so the DMK government  has  a penchant for neglecting the roads.

So, mercifully now Nath promises to change the failures of the past.

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