Aam aadmi! Political rhetoric or hat-trick?
Monsoon might play havoc and so spend more on agriculture!
Agriculture is the critical issue!
Yet, how many in the government know this? Or, you know who are all, in the government, sensitive to agriculture issues?

What new hopes for a new generation economic reforms? Pranab Mukerjee has played out his sleight of hand by announcing unbelievable spending spree as it were and being and becoming a reformer with not specifying anything.

So, where do the old-time reformers, namely, Prime Minister, P.Chidambaram and Montek Ahluwalia come in?  They are of course back in business. But then, some issues and questions, we dare say, are not business as usual, right?

To talk the rate of growth in the global meltdown looks a bit silly. May be that is one reason everyone is keeping mum. But then whoever advised Sonia Gandhi, she has no clue and she wanted to score a point and she wrote to the PM to provide food for everyone!
What an irony!

You talk of aam aadmi, you talk of inclusive growth and yet you all don’t bother to listen to what the aam aadmi has got to say of your governance.

The PM taking the cue, from the finance minister(who came along, as you know, in spite of the PM preferring Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia) wrote or let be known through the PMO publicly the FM must give a budget for the aam aadmi.

So, all these persons and individuals were playing to the gallery and they want to be seen by the public as the saviours of the common man!

Fine! No quarrel! But where is the common man in your scheme of things?
All the new young leaders, the young MPs from the Congress party are from the dynastic families and upper class and privileged backgrounds.

All these privileged youngsters are only inducted into the ministry. While the one or two from the ordinary social and economic background are pushed to the backbenches only.
While you have to see what Mr.Rajanath Singh, the BJP President, has said to the BJP young MPs?”You may not come from privileged backgrounds like those in the Congress, and yet you don’t worry, your time will come”!

This was rather moving, though Rajnath Singh doesn’t speak English or look pretentious!
PM, Sonia don’t receive visitors or reply to letters!

The Prime Minister doesn’t show any interest in interacting with the common man; the common people don’t seem to be in his radar.

He neither receives the ordinary citizens nor replies to their letters.
At least, the PM’s new media advisor must take note of this public visage and the perceptions of the PM and see some PR letters are at least gets written and publicised.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi too, they don’t seem to attend office. Nor they too seem reply to the letters from the party workers or even the party leaders from far and wide.
So, what sort of aam aadmi government this one is?

The senior Congress leaders, the traditional Congress families are sidelined and the new comers are everywhere, as ministers, busybodies, cricketers turned politicians, contractors-turned MPs and what not.
The PCCs are as good as non-functional. What sort of mass party is the Indian National Congress?

Now Mr.Mukerjee wants to put so much money in the hands of the aam aadmi and there have been criticisms in the media as to the wisdom and the viability of the spending spree.
This is populism running wild, unless checked in time.

Direct transfer of funds to the aam aadmi is never possible in India and for the valid reasons.
You must have the institutions and you must have vision and also commitment.

The Prime Minister and Mr.Ahluwalia are two economic experts. They must be knowing only too well that any big spending, as promised by the FM, would only lead to high consumption, wasteful expenditure and heavy leakages.

The first 100 days announcements seem to become a damp squib, considering the sudden silence that has descended on the ministries lately!

We thought the young turks, the young MPs who got the ministerial portfolios, would put Delhi and Yamuna on fire! No, they don’t seem to be any revolutionaries at all.

They seem to be very old type bourgeois characters. Much more dampening is the scene; they all seem to be standing behind the coat tails of the senior ministers!
Agriculture is the critical area where you can spend as much as you can.

You have to seriously revamp the rural co-op credit system. Vaidyanatham committee made some sensible recommendations. But you routed the debt waiver directly through the PSU banks. The results haven’t been altogether happy. Please learn from past mistakes.
Make agriculture viable!

Ask us, we will tell you how to go about it.
Don’t beat the bush; you need actual feedback from the rural hinterland.

There are IT tools and you can devise ways and monitor investments in irrigation, rural roads, rural housing and people would be encouraged to live and invest in farming and farm related economic activities.

Monsoon uncertainties needn’t trouble much. India has enough stocks and food security would be taken care of. Only you have to reward the farmers who have done us all proud.
Now, do you the real aaam aadmi? They are none else but the farmers and the farm hands.
So, reward them openly and in a transparent manner! Jai Hind!

Panchayat raj, urban municipal councils, metro cities councils are all feeling the pressures of economic development and urbanisation and migration of people.
So, you have to become more sensitive to complex issues.

The cosy relationship that seem to existing New Delhi, seems to us, very illusory and deceitful.
No democratic politics is sustained in this way. There has to be accountability on the part of everyone, from the top leaders to the ranks down the line.

There are so many morally unjustified arbitrary exercises of power and authority in the present system. No popular mandate without adhering to norms and transparent exercise of authority, with no fear or favour, is the way ahead.

Politics   never standstill. You don’t know what happens tomorrow.
So, please do your work, dont skirt your day’s duty!

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