Third Front to come?
Mayawati can be trusted to lead?
Or, Chandrababu Naidu and Prakash Karat are wasting their time?

So, the next general elections would be interesting from many points of view. One, the alliance between the Congress and the Samajwadi Party is not as natural as it now seems. They were never natural allies, let us remember first.

It was Mulayam Singh Yadav who almost dismantled the Congress party in the UP, its traditional stronghold once upon a time. Samajwadi party, more than any other party or movement, saw to it, that Congress is finished and it is now finished for all practical purposes.
And who can forget, certainly Sonia Gandhi can’t forget the fact that it was Mulayam who prevented her from becoming the Prime Minister.

Now, it seems all too late and all too old fashioned these thoughts.
Now, what is new about the new allies?

They have to form a alliance, that is a real and genuine understanding how much each one wants to allow the other to grow in UP?

And UP is no ordinary state, a state like Tamil Nadu, where the Congress had written off the local Congress for the sake of tolerating the corrupt DMK regime for the sake of survival in Delhi. For the DMK, Delhi is door hai!

But for the Samajwadis, Delhi is everything. You rule in Delhi or you don’t exist anywhere else.
Mayawati is ruling UP firmly and for all practical purposes, you can’t dislodge her in any foreseeable future.

That is why all the old and disgruntled men like Deve Gowda and others like the CPI,CPI(M) wallahs have found a new friend in the unpredictable Mayawati.

Of course, it hurts the many admirers of TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu, the one bright star in the firmament of the Third Front, to be seen running around to court Mayawati and try to build a castle of sands, as it is, out of the hotch-potch of these parties whose aims are never the same.

All these left-outs are out of the mainstream alliances. So, they want to now construct a political myth called Third Front where even Naidu and other mysterious characters like Ajit Singh would be finding their place hard to sustain.

There are so many unpredictable characters. Jayalalitha? Where does she come in?
She is a match for Mayawati for the vanity and venality as well!

They are as deeply corrupt as any other politicians can be. So, what sort of alliance this Third Front will prove to be? So many corrupt and characterless people, as devious any others, the Deve Gowda and Ajit Singh had brought so much discredit for the very image of the Indian kisans. They are supposed to be the spokespersons of kisans. But they all do and are also known or are their deviousness, they were seen loitering around in the wake of the trust vote, waiting to be called by some with some hard currency bags!

The only saving grance, the hard currency note bags were cleverly appropriated by the three MPs, lucky fellows! They remain uncaught even to this day! And they would very likely to escape with their booty, given the mood of the rulers around 7,Race Course Road and 10 ,,Jan Path!

So, the Third Front with the CPI(M) as the theoretical spokesperson, is likely to prove be a non-starter till the last day of the elections!

The Left is a devious ally as well. Who knows, they might tomorrow come out with some ingenious theory to switch their alliance from the sinking ship and they may latch on to the Congress coat tail!

And there is news that regional parties are also trying for alignment to demand for smaller states.

Already, the Raja Bundela Bundelkhand says that Mayawati is trying to trifurcate UP into four states, create three more states.

So, the big parties shy away from these smaller parties. There is a rebel from TDP, one Goud who is batting for a separate Telengana, theNav Telegana party.

Now, every other party outside the BJP and the Congress is looking to the role of Mayawati in the evolution of new coalition with her at the top.

Whether she succeeds or not, it would be a pity, if in the churning of the principle-less collection of egoistic men and women, a rare talent like Chandrababu Naidu should be lost in the service of the nation.

Among this lot, one Chandrababu Naidu is the only one leader who can be a very competent Prime Minister of India. One who can take India towards a new world, where certain dymanism can be injected into the economy. His track record is matchless.

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