Unprincipled opportunists, all?
Opportunistic Communists to prop up Mayawati as the next Prime Ministerial candidate!

Yes, it looks like an open season for the unprincipled politicians of India. Even the veterans, the former Prime Minister and the CPI veterans are forgetting that history won’t forgive and forget!

They are expected to show the right path, the right means, and their own articulations of what is their stand on the Indo-nuclear deal. They haven’t cared for doing their duties. All they care for is jobs for their sons and if possible for themselves as ministers or at best as power-brokers.

So, the Indian people would get the opportunity how the prospects of power change men and their colours.

Where is L.K.Advani, the BJP’s own candidate for the next Prime Ministership? He is intriguely silent. So too the other talking heroes and heroines of the BJP!
One thought that Mr.Jaswant Singh, the sauve face of BJP would articulate the Indo-US nuclear deal, the original author of the Indo-US dialogue. He is also surprisingly speechless!

What sorts of political parties and their leaders!
What Prakash Karat has and Deve Gowda doesn’t!
What Sibhu Soren wants and Ajit Singh doesn’t?

Sometimes even coalition governments need the no-confidence motions!
Only on such occasions, we or the people do find out the sorts of political parties we have and the types of leaders and their mentalities in the working of our political system. Why blame democracy or the Constitution?

We have men like Prakash Karat and Deve Gowda and also even in the bigger parties we have leaders ,Chief Minister and others who are not even plain wheeler-dealers like Amar Singh but we have still more shadowy characters.

These men(luckily, we don’t have  women leaders of such types, even in other countries including the USA we have great women leaders like Hillary Clinton who are ambitious, right but not shadowy like our men leaders!) are not  leaders in the strict sense of the word or any respectable definitions.

Take Prakash Karat. What does he want to achieve by these threats and withdrawal of support? What does Deve Gowda former Prime Minister and a Chief Minister at that, and what he achieves by keeping silence with just two MPS? Doesn’t he have any principles and beliefs? What are they? Nobody knows! Is not his great stature at stake? Please, at least you speak out and say your perception of things? What great stakes you are playing for? What threats to the country’s future you are grappling with? Nothing! Plain nothing? But then is the silence any indication of any great issues? Unfortunately not! All you want is some petty issues to be settled with? Is this all to your politics, politics in which you rose up to great and unexpected heights?
Now Karat, the great Communist. What do you have expect some unexplained irrational anti-Americanism?

Please don’t expect us, the very humble and the not so humble a people! We have our own reservations of cultivating friendship with the USA. But then we have our own perceptions and our own capacity to explain and cultivate the USA, as a people, as a great power and also as a great strategic alliance partner. What is wrong to have strategic partnership with the USDA?

Do you at least explain to the people of the country what are your perceptions of the so-called risks or threats from cultivating the USA? Or, the widely-held belief and suspicion of your own perceptions of the threats from China? What do you want India to do? Not just for nuclear fuel, nuclear power but also for strategic relationships?
Do you want India to stand alone? Or get isolated?

On another level, Mr.Comrade Prakash must at least conduct a survey of the public opinion, from the middle class opinion at least about how to go about getting the many critical industries like the IT integrated with the US economy.

Doesn’t the comrade want the Indian new generation to become closer to the American ways of lifestyle?

No one would imagine that even the youth of West Bengal and Kerala would want India to lose the many advantages that would flow from this deal.

Now, as for Karat he has no legitimacy to advocate for such a total disengagement of India with the USA. He is not even a popularly elected leader, not even an MP. All he had got by way of experience was the JNU student politics where he contested and even didn’t win that election, and he had been a loner and this shows from the sort of reactions that his sudden withdrawal drew from fellow comrades in Bengal and Kerala.

There is a healthy and mature debate that had broken out in these two Communist-ruled states. First, the Lok Sabha Speaker “revolted”! Next, the other ministerial leaders in the two states differed from Karat line. Then, a whole lot of honest debate had broken out.

The wisdom of the opposition to the deal and also the likely consequences for the party and the government.

The CPI (M) owes a lot of explanation to the nation about its advocacy of opposition to communalism. You now seek out and openly align with Mayawati, an embodiment of casteism and your voting with the BJP makes a neither willing nor unwilling ally of the very communalist forces!

So, you don’t have your own ideological clarity, all you have is the same raw and unvarnished opportunism of the kind we are now seeing with Deve Gowda or Ajit Singh or the poor Sibhu Soren.

We needn’t have leaders like Ajit Singh, US educated and widely experienced and you have to practice politics, yes from the lineage of Choudhury Charan Singh, but you must evolve into a next generation, secular and modern politician. At least pitch your case along with the farmers or the rural cause! This, you haven’t done. All you seem to care for is just as narrow parochialism as the Southern Dravidian parties.

The great shame for the Dravidian parties is that they have no word, no view or no stand on the nuclear deal, it seems! All they have is sheer opportunism, verging on sheer cynicism of the worst kind. They are the new version of the old Ayarams and Gayarams! They are always on display! They have pitched their tents! They are ready for any cash or kind deals!

Indian democracy under Manmohan Singh had reached a new nadir!
This is no service for the great people of India. You, leaders, are bargaining. Not bad. But at least you stand up like men and women and show yourself as people with some credible principles and beliefs.

This, you haven’t done. All the same, greater shame on the politicians of this round of politics and politicking!

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