Dr.Karan Singh M.P.,
Teen Murti Bhavan,
New Delhi

Dear Dr.Karan Singh,

Hope you remember me.

Here is another letter for you to read. In fact, I have attached a copy of the letter I wrote to Mrs.Sonia Gandhi on the state of the Congress and the government.

Now, as for the current peregrinations on the Indo-US nuclear deal, I feel that India is pursuing a deal that is morally unjustified and strategically dangerous for the country and the world.

And the PM went to China and come back with what assurance? Nothing. To ask China to help India to secure the US nuclear deal looks to me ridiculous. China won’t help India to become a nuclear weapon state, right?

And what is this civil nuclear power deal, when the contribution of nuclear power in our total power and energy baggage is almost 3 per cent and not likely  to go up in any substantial manner.

As jimmy Carter has pointed out that India should sign the CTBT and other treaties to forego the development of nuclear weapons. Otherwise, what sort of Gandhian legacy we will perpetuate?

Anyway, these are some thoughts I thought of passing it on to you.

With warm regards,

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