Winston Churchill dropped!
British curriculum doesn’t teach about him!
What about teaching at least the current history?

The latest terrorist attacks in Glasgow only highlights the new phenomenon. The Indian born, young doctors were implicated in the new terrorist threats.
While terrorism is a serious threat to a peaceful world,terrorists among the well-educated and motivated requires a serious study and response.
Can education help?What else education is for?

What we have to teach our children today?

What is the basic content and curriculum of education that can save the countries,old and the new? In the UK schools?And in the Indian schools too?
There is a need for serious introspection among the educators.

UK is a radically changing society today.There is as much self doubt among the policy makers about their national identity as it is among other countries and societies.They are also debating about what is Britishness or Englishness! In British schools there are radical changes.
Yes,the new British curriculum proposes to omit the teaching about Winston Churchill anymore.The teaching of history in the age group of 12-14 is now to drop teaching about not only Churchill ,there is news that even what they once thought of teaching more about Indian history and the role of Mahatma Gandhi is now dropped.The point is that the very teaching of history is disfavoured and even educators question the “use”of history for youngsters.The youngsters can rather learn about many useful things like getting their house hold things repaired or any such activities than reading about history,more so the past.What use past?They seem to be asking.
Yes,it might look like startling,this very question and also the dropping of the British war hero Churchill from their school curriculum.
As for Gandhi,he might not be hero for the Britons but given the current rise in terrorist violence in UK and the large ethnic population of the Indian origin and the Pakistan and Bangladeshi population,some teaching of the Asian history and the presence of such large population from the Carribean and African countries,or about their former colonies,might help the present younger generation of the British youth might create a more wider awareness of the immediate surroundings,if not the wider world. But the mood now seems to be more one of seeking some “use” for an education.

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